The last week of the 2015 electoral campaign

A massive disinformation campaign is being carried out by the major political parties and monopoly-owned media during this campaign promoting whatever they think will get their party elected. This extends into the polls which claim a lead for this or that party, in a manner that does nothing to help the electorate cast an informed vote.

On October 10, retired former public servant and journalist Paul Barber wrote for iPolitics, “Two of Canada’s major polling firms, EKOS and Nanos, have been reporting different parties in the lead — the Liberals on the part of Nanos over the past week, the Conservatives in the case of EKOS (although the latter’s most recent release gives the Liberals a slight lead that puts them in a statistical tie with the Conservatives, given the margin of error).”

The polling reports are one of the ways a coherent expression of public opinion is destroyed. There is little to no opportunity to cast an informed vote so the outcome, whatever it will be on October 19, is likely to be most undesirable. Any conception which may have applied in the past of an election as a process whereby the expression of the popular will could be turned into the legal will in the form of party government no longer applies. This means that an election does not confer legitimacy to whatever government is said to win the election.

For this reason, the MLPC thinks it is important for Canadians to bring into being an alternative. In this election, vote for democratic renewal, vote Marxist-Leninist!

Elections Canada should fund the process, not the parties. Parties should not be elected to form party government. On the contrary, Canadians should elect their own peers to parliament and the elected MPs should choose the government from their midst which they can then hold to account.

Vote for Democratic Renewal!
Vote Marxist-Leninist!


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