Canadian Wheat Board Alliance intervenes in election to stop Harper

The farmers of the Canadian Wheat Board Alliance (CWBA) have produced a four-page pamphlet The Great Canadian Grain Robbery discussing the 2015 Election and the situation of grain farmers, as well as other materials on the “Facts Harper Is Hiding.” The pamphlet is being distributed as an insert in selected papers across western Canada. In it they state, “It is time for the Harper government to be held accountable for the systematic destruction of western Canada’s farmer directed and owned Wheat Board marketing system.” They call on everyone to “Vote for Change” on October 19 and to join the Alliance in calling for the re-establishment of the Canadian Wheat Board’s single-desk marketing system.

In addition to holding Harper accountable for destroying farmer-controlled supply marketing in the grain sector, the farmers also speak to Harper’s attack on public science, his book burnings and transfer of control over grain genetics from farmers to agro-chemical-seed monopolies. They also raise the vandalizing of public agricultural resources, which the federal government is responsible for on behalf of all Canadians such as the 2.5 million acres of grassland preserved by the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Act. These community pasture grasslands are an important part of the overall prairie ecology, the farmers point out.

To read the full materials produced by the CWBA, click here.

Source: Renewal UpdateOctober 12, 2015 • No. 189


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