Nepean – Q & A from Electors: How will the MLPC support health care for Canadians?

Q: What does your party propose to support health care for Canadians?

A: Canadians’ right to publicly-funded, delivered and controlled health care must be enshrined in a new and modern Constitution given rise to by Canadians. Our Party stands for establishing a process so Canadians together can create a new and modern constitution which enshrines people’s rights, including the right to health care, education, child care, recreation and seniors’ care. This constitution must also enshrine the right of the people to participate directly in governance and to take sovereign decisions over the overall direction of the country. This is of critical importance in health care as it is those who provide health care which must be empowered to ensure the needs of the people to the highest quality possible are met. A constitution empowering Canadians would establish a new modern foundation for Canada and guide governments to organize the economy in a manner that fulfills their duty to provide the rights of the people with a guarantee. This is what the MLPC proposes for public health care for Canadians to be ensured, not treated as a policy objective as is the case today.

Q: What is the number one issue when it comes to improving the health care system?

A: The most important thing in health care is the human factor. Our #1 priority is to activate the human factor/social consciousness and place it at the centre of decision making for health care. If the human factor is given priority, the aim of comprehensive care for the health of human beings and their continually improving standards of care and quality of life can be realized. We stand against the privatization of health care as it attacks the human factor/social consciousness by introducing the profit motive into the health care system. We also stand against the private delivery of publicly-funded health care and home care which does the same at the expense of the public. The MLPC stands for investments in social programs such as health care as an investment in the society, not as a cost. Health care workers are the basis for the health care system and their working conditions are patients’ living conditions. By upholding the rights of health care workers to proper wages and working conditions, the human factor/social consciousness can flourish and ensure the best possible outcomes in the health care sector are achieved.

Q: How do you plan to support the health of local communities?

A: Health care workers should put themselves at the head of electing candidates and governments which defend the right to health care and are accountable to them and the public who rely on the health care system. If elected the MLPC would bring forward the missing voice of the working class in the Parliament. Health care workers would be provided with a space to bring forward their concerns and enact legislation which upholds public right, not monopoly right. Our MPs would organize the working people to express their demands and participate in the decisions on how to bring them into being.


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