Nothing free about this ‘free election’

corporate mediaThe ruling class is divided over whether to have a Harper government or a Liberal government. Despite this, by the looks of it, the majority of the mouthpieces of its contending factions are hoping for a Liberal majority. One is even calling for a Harper government but without Harper! The only thing certain is that none of them are calling for an NDP government! In fact, they are pinning their hopes on the social forces they command in the workers’ and people’s movement wiping the NDP out in order to achieve the Liberal win in the election.

Several observations can be made.

The first is the amazing predicament of the editor-in-chief of The Globe and Mail, who had to endorse Harper but could not do so with a clear conscience so ended up calling for a Harper government without Harper, in the name of a stable economy! Meanwhile, the editor-in-chief of the National Post is reported to have disagreed with his publisher’s endorsement of Harper so severely that he has been MIA ever since. One rumour has him fleeing the country until the election is over!

Another observation is that without exception, all the contending mouthpieces talk hogwash about wanting a government which will ensure stability. It is hogwash because all of them participate in the inter-monopoly fight for domination on global markets and it is they who put Canada at the disposal of this dogfight. This is what imposes anarchy and violence on society.

A third observation is that whatever government the mouthpieces of the different factions endorse, there is a consensus which ranges from critical to scathing about practically everything Harper has done and stands for except on the economy. On that front they want whichever government takes over to hold the line of paying the rich and selling the country out in the tidiest way possible.

Another observation which stands out is on the claim that this election is “free and fair.” If that is the case then why are all the mouthpieces of the different factions of the ruling class trampling over each other to make endorsements and influence the vote?

Tomorrow Renewal Update will provide extracts from the editorial positions of the different media conglomerates showing who they endorse and why.



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