Insist on your right to vote! Document irregularities!

During Advance Polling it was reported that information clerks at the entrance to polling stations were asking voters if they had photo ID. This is a misleading question and could cause people to turn away with the mistaken understanding that they can’t vote without photo ID. The correct question is “Do you have photo ID or two other pieces of ID, one of which shows your name and address?” If you encounter this problem, ask to speak to a supervisor. Insist on your right to vote.

Secondly, news media are already today carrying reports of irregularities at different polling stations. Individuals should not regard these as exceptions or accidents, and should immediately document and report everything to Elections Canada (and Is there a  pattern? I do not regard the Robocall scandal of the Harper Conservatives as something unique; it uses all the imported techniques of U.S. voter suppression to manipulate the results in key ridings.


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