You can do it! On October 19, defeat the Conservatives and keep the Liberals out!

DemocraticRenewalRU_2The fact that the predictions of the pollsters should not sway Canadians to vote against their conscience can be seen in their reports on the eve of the October 19 election.

Éric Grenier and the CBC “Poll Tracker” says that the Liberals will form the next government, “barring Conservative surprise.” Grenier says that all the pollsters except an EKOS poll “has the Liberals at around 37 per cent and Conservatives around 30.” The EKOS poll has the Conservatives and Liberals both at 33 per cent. Quite a discrepancy!

Grenier speaks of the Liberals and Conservatives but the NDP seems to have disappeared from the screen altogether. Is this because it has disappeared from the screen altogether or the pollsters just wish it would?

Meanwhile, as if to hedge his bets, Grenier says: “There are a few factors that could contribute to a surprisingly good performance by the Conservatives on Monday night, making even a Liberal minority government unattainable for Trudeau.” Micro-targeting and dirty campaigning, you say? No! “Shy Tories”!

“Shy Tories” are “Conservatives unwilling to disclose their voting intentions to pollsters for any number of reasons, including social desirability bias (people saying what they think others want to hear),” Grenier says.

So much for the predictions of the fraudster polls! Only when the people control the process will the outcome favour their interests. Their voice is absent when it comes to deciding elections by polls.

On October 19, Vote for Democratic Renewal!

Defeat the Conservatives and Keep the Liberals Out! Wherever Possible, Vote Marxist-Leninist!




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