MLPC deliberates on problems facing Canadians post-election

The candidates and campaign teams of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada (MLPC) held get-togethers in different parts of the country on October 25 to begin discussion on the significance of the election results and on the work for empowerment under the conditions of a Liberal majority.

Opening remarks delivered on behalf of the national leadership of the MLPC to those gathered pointed out that the Party intervened in the election as part of its work of mobilizing the working people to take up the work of becoming a political force in their own right. This is essential to making sure they and all their collectives are not vulnerable to the de-politicization of the polity which the ruling circles are imposing.

The aim of the monopolies on the political front is to politicize their own private interests and have the electorate treated as niche markets just as they do on every front. The ruling class formulates the choices and has a method to order them and then have the people choose one. It was the method used by the Conservative Party to choose its first leader, Stephen Harper after the merger of the Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance and the Progressive Conservative Party and was also used to choose the Liberal leader in 2013.

For its part, the MLPC raised the need to provide Canada with an aim which defends the rights of the people and for the renewal of the democratic process. Its appeal to the working class, women and youth was to defeat the Conservatives and keep the Liberals out. In this way it called on the people to find a way of intervening in the election which kept the initiative in their hands. This could be done by voting their conscience and making a statement that they oppose the neo-liberal anti-social offensive, the MLPC pointed out. Now Party committees are looking at the work they were able to carry out and its result.

In the Party’s estimation the ruling class was able to present the Liberals as progressive while making sure no discussion took place about what precisely they stand for. It is worth noting that many of the same forces which led the Liberals to their victory in Ontario in the 2014 election are those who managed the Trudeau campaign and the same approach was used. In the federal election the Liberals were presented as a change from Harper and what he represents. This was used to cause confusion as part of the massive disinformation campaign about what constitutes “progressive.” All of it is aimed at making sure no political movement of the people exists in defence of rights. It was to make sure the people would not use their vote to make a statement that they oppose the austerity agenda and all that it means. The neo-liberal direction for society and war were not to be touched. By fabricating a cartoon anti-politics champion in the form of Justin Trudeau and declaring he represents a “movement for change,” the election became a fraud. All of it aims to keep the people deprived of decision-making power by making sure the working class is not a force of itself, for itself, capable of imbuing the society with an aim that makes sure Canada contributes to the well-being of its own people and those all over the world.

Speaking to the challenges facing the working class and people post-election, the MLPC points out that there is a great deal of pressure for the people now to go back to business as usual, forget politics and “get on with life.” Another pressure is to reduce themselves to putting extra-parliamentary pressure on MPs and especially the Liberal Party. This is called “holding their feet to the fire,” a course of action the people are very familiar with and that underscores their marginalization from decision-making. The MLPC will be addressing this issue further as part of the reflection on the results of the 42nd federal election.

Meanwhile, the MLPC points out that one of the tasks before everyone is the need to analyze the results, not just repeat established fact. For instance, how will “holding the Liberals’ feet to the fire” assist to empower the working class and people? How should people respond to attempts to sideline and exhaust them?

It is also necessary to look at the Liberals’ promises and the role they play. Are some of them “progressive” while others are not, as Canadians are being told? Do these “progressive” policies therefore deserve our respect while the “bad” policies do not?

Promises indicate first and foremost that a new government can in fact do as it wishes once elected, and therefore that the people are deprived of control over their lives. They are also clues about the new arrangements the ruling circles are bringing into being in various spheres of life. These need to be studied with the aim of making sure the working people are able to defend their interests within the situation. We cannot afford to harbour liberal illusions that the rights of all will be defended without the independent politics of the working class coming into play. To just say that the Liberals will maintain the same direction as the Conservatives but change their methods to Wilfred Laurier’s “sunny ways” will not do, the MLPC points out. The situation today and the situation when Laurier was brought to power at the time of the Boer War, when epic world events subsequently gave rise to World War I as well as the Russian Revolution, are not at all similar, let alone the same.

Protest outside Leaders Debate on foreign policy in Toronto, September 28, 2015.

A good example is on the question of the Liberals’ commitments on foreign policy. This is another matter on which the MLPC will have more to say through its Party press.

According to Trudeau, Canada will maintain its participation in NATO and NORAD. In the case of NORAD, this is not the NORAD of the Cold War period which was in control of Canada’s airspace. This is the new NORAD made permanent by Harper which places all of Canada’s air, land and sea approaches under U.S. military command.

Trudeau is promising to restore Canada’s role in “peace missions.” He said a Liberal government will end Canada’s air missions in Iraq and Syria but will continue to play a “support” role including possible training of forces on the ground in those countries. Which forces will that be? Will training of paramilitary groups which want to eliminate the Syrian government be considered a peace mission? Nothing more has been said about these matters other than Trudeau’s pledge to take in 25,000 Syrian refugees before the end of the year.

The MLPC points out that “peace missions” through sleight of hand are made synonymous with peacekeeping. According to the Liberals this means prioritizing training of military, paramilitary and police in other countries. Does this mean we can expect a new intense push on the part of the U.S. imperialist-led NATO alliance to establish itself as the international gendarme once again to prove itself capable of keeping its enemies in check? Is this why the Liberals are also re-affirming that Canada will maintain its aggressive role on Russia’s borders as part of the aggressive NATO alliance?

Are we to believe that such a mission is a peace mission? To make it so, a new wave of disinformation will have to create “reasons” which solicit a military response, in the style of the disinformation about the massacres in Kosovo which allegedly warranted NATO’s bombing and dismemberment of Yugoslavia, or Colin Powell’s “weapons of mass destruction” to warrant the invasion of Iraq and similar disinformation about Libya.

In November, meetings of the G7 and G20 will take place in Turkey which is a front line state in the plan of the U.S. and big powers of Old Europe for regime change in Syria. These summits will be Justin Trudeau’s first foray onto the international scene where we can expect him to “make his mark” by advancing “real solutions.”

Making it appear that aggressively patrolling Russia’s borders and training military and paramilitary forces is a peace mission will become one front of the warmongering the Liberals are known for. In Ukraine this includes the training and supplying of Nazis and neo-Nazis which Canada has been undertaking since 2014. How to look at these developments becomes important starting immediately, the MLPC says.

It is important to ensure the working people do not succumb to the pressure to not organize themselves as an independent political force under the hoax that the task is to hold the Liberals to their promises. The working class must work out its own stands and mobilize its allies to take stands which favour peace and ensure that Canadians are armed with a nation-building project of their own.

These are some of the challenges the MLPC is addressing following the 42nd federal election which brought the Liberals to power.

Source: Renewal Update, October 29, 2015 • No. 204 Previous Issues

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