Antalya, Turkey rises up against the G20: ‘Go home, murderous G20’

The Forces of Labor and Democracy of Antalya have marched on the southern province’s Cumhuriyet Square, demanding the departure of the ‘murderous, colonialist and imperialist war organization’ that is the G20. Despite an attack by the police in the square, the Halkevleri, Öğrenci Kolektifleri and the Liseli Genç Umut were able to overcome a police barricade and issue a statement calling for the destruction of the ‘imperialist war organization of the G20’


The Forces of Labor and Democracy of Antalya gathered at 13.00 on 15 November in the southern province’s Aydın Kanza Park to protest the G20, just as world leaders from the group were meeting at a luxury resort.

The activists, who sought to march on Cumhuriyet Square, were subsequently attacked by police at a checkpoint.

Seven people were detained in the attack.

Members of the organizing committee entered into negotiations with the police after officers said they would not permit the march, only for the police to remove their barricades at 14.20, allowing the march on Cumhuriyet Square to continue.


“Though these vampires might say they are talking about the world’s economic problems, they are going to solidify their plans regarding the civil war in Syria and their imperialist designs on the region,” the protesters said in a press statement in Cumhuriyet Square. “We, the Forces of Labor and Democracy of Antalya, declare that we do not recognize the G20 meeting, during which new attacks will be planned against workers and peoples [around the world] and imperialist policies of war will be discussed. We, as all laborers and oppressed peoples, will not remain silent to the darkening of our future.”


Police attack on Cumhuriyet Square

 The People’s Houses (Halkevleri), Students’ Collective (Öğrenci Kolektifleri) and the Youth Hope of High School students (Liseli Genç Umut) began their rally at 15.00 at Aydın Kanza Park. Police, however, attacked the activists as the crowd was marching toward Cumhuriyet Square as the Forces of Labor and Democracy of Antalya were issuing a statement. After police erected barricades at the entrance to the square, the Halkevleri, Öğrenci Kolektifleri and Liseli Genç Umut continued marching down Antalya’s streets while chanting slogans.


After police attacked the Forces of Labor and Democracy of Antalya during their press statement in Cumhuriyet Square, protesters responded with fireworks.

Some 21 people were reportedly detained, amid reports that women taken into custody were subjected to violence in a detention vehicle while their arms were tied behind their backs.

Faced with the police barricade on the way to Cumhuriyet Square, members of the Halkevleri, Öğrenci Kolektifleri and Liseli Genç Umut told police, “We are exercising our right to protest, and we have no guns. But if you hinder us, we will use our right to resist. You can’t force revolutionaries into cages in Cumhuriyet Square,” before overcoming the barricades and continuing their march.

A press statement was issued in the square.


Messengers with letters to G20 detained

Four members of the Halkevleri and Öğrenci Kolektifi were detained after they began a 40-kilometer march from Attalos Square to bring a letter to the G20 Summit.


One person detained at checkpoints at entrance to Antalya

Police erected checkpoints at the entrance to Antalya in the early hours to stop buses and perform identity checks. Buses arriving from Ankara were stopped at three different checkpoints, failing to enter the city. Passengers forced to disembark were able to reach the city with other vehicles.

Activists arriving on a bus from Bursa, Eskişehir and Kocaeli were also halted at the entrance to Antalya. Following an identity check, Halkevleri member Ahmet Keskin was taken into custody.


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