Cuba reaffirms commitment to human rights

The country’s permanent commission to the United Nations highlighted the role of the Revolution in guaranteeing the exercise of all human rights for all citizens

  Geneva (December 10) — Cuba reaffirmed, in this city, its commitment to guaranteeing the exercise of all human rights by all citizens, in the context of Human Rights Day, celebrated today, December 10.

In a statement read before the United Nations Office, the island’s permanent commission highlighted that the triumph of the Revolution, on January1, 1959, saw the people secure their true independence and full respect for the rights of all citizens.

Cuba has achieved a high human development index according to a 2014 report by the UN, which places the Caribbean nation 44th out of 187 nations worldwide.

The delegation emphasized that such achievements have been realized despite the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the U.S. for over five decades.

It also noted that the consolidation of free healthcare and education for all, full elimination of gender based discrimination under the law, and environmental protection are among state policies which guarantee the full exercise of human rights.


Cuba has for years been the target of influential monopoly media and other political actors, waiting for the slightest slip to put together the media show. It is easier to see a fleck or some dirt in your neighbour’s eye, especially when “other” becomes a benchmark against regional hegemony with results guaranteed by American-sponsored “dissidents”. The following comparative study on the Enforcement of Human Rights in Cuba, the US, European Union and other allies introduces significant data on the performance of Cuba in ways that allegedly violated, and the performance of his detractors in the same fields . We invite you to reflect on.

You can download the full report on this Link.



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