All out for democratic renewal and an anti-war government!

In 2016 Organizing Work Will Be the Key to Our Victory

Today, as the year 2015 has come to an end and we usher in the New Year, people all over the world are yearning for a human society; a society where all human beings can flourish and the barbarities of the present conditions are a thing of the past. On this occasion, the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) greets its members and supporters and all the workers, youth, students and seniors who battled so hard during 2015 to defeat the Harper dictatorship and war government. The aim of the broad masses of the people was and continues to be to end the anti-social offensive and nation-wrecking which are destroying the lives of the peoples at home and abroad. In this regard, great efforts were made to organize for people’s empowerment. This work will continue throughout 2016, as the communist and workers’ movement makes the building of Committees for Democratic Renewal and People’s Empowerment a priority.

As 2015 comes to a close, the utter barbarity of bourgeois civil society reveals itself more and more. While the problems facing the economy and the anachronistic constitutional and political arrangements are no fault of the people, the ruling elite have launched a brutal anti-social offensive. This offensive seeks to dispossess the peoples of everything that belongs to them by right at home while wars of aggression and occupation are launched against the peoples of other countries to effect regime change and covet what belongs to them by right. The destruction of productive forces on a mass scale is creating grave dangers for the world’s people and the natural environment as well.

Both at home and abroad what do we see? Do we see what we think is there, or shall we lift the veil of enforced ignorance by raising our concerns and sorting out what is happening in a manner that sorts out the problems in favour of humankind?

Establish a Public Authority Consistent with the Needs of the Times!

After deliberating on the achievements of the workers’ and communist movement in 2015, CPC(M-L) has concluded that what is called civil society is a concept in tatters because all that is left of the public authority is its police powers. These police powers are outside the government of laws. A government of laws legitimizes rule; police powers do not. Police powers are used to decide who to punish and on what basis. They have a main role in maintaining the person of state which includes both government and police powers. It is done by ensuring compliance.

The number one obligation of the state is to defend the well-being of the person of state. In fact, this is how what are called liberties are secured. In this equation the state takes the absolute position which explains why the elite keep discussing the need to strike the right balance between rights and security. It has nothing to do with upholding the rights which belong to the people by virtue of their being. The problem emerges, however, of how the rule can be legitimized when everything that concerns the relations which human beings must enter into in order to live is dictated from outside the government of laws?

Far from legitimizing the rule, the unfolding events reveal that civil society is established and sustained by police powers. This in turn reveals that the peoples are no longer served by what is called a civil society. Calls by ruling elite to rewrite constitutions so that the police powers presently outside the government of laws are brought into a government of laws show the depths of irrationality which has gripped the minds and actions of the ruling elite in the imperialist heartlands. Their desperation to see the results they wish to attain come to life, no matter what, imbues their every word and deed with a madness beyond their control. This leads them to become ever more vengeful in seeking retribution when their irrational deeds do not meet with success.

From the direction of the economy, to the laws which are used to declare what can and cannot be done, to the identity which defines us and the values we must espouse, the police powers and government, which together form the person of state, decide. Civil society’s promise to provide equality, prosperity and peaceful relations within and between nations lies in tatters. The more elusive its promise becomes, the more the ruling elite speak in its name.

This is what we see. Once it is revealed that the rights civil society was created to provide were defined by the police powers as property rights or to preserve property rights, it follows that modern definitions of rights are required on the basis that people have rights by virtue of being human. So too arrangements must be brought into being which favour the peoples, not the financial oligarchs whose rule is tearing society asunder and inflicting wars for the redivision of the world. And once all that is left of the public good is the police powers, where is the “good” which people want restored and to whom should they appeal to restore it?

These are the challenges we must take up in 2016. Or are we to be driven mad by utopian liberal ideals of what might be if only we all espouse the right thinking and conduct ourselves in the right way? Can individual and collective rights be brought on par on the basis of expectations spun out of liberal illusions or will succumbing to liberal illusions provide a basis for individual and collective forms of punishment?

Let Us Together Provide Society with a Modern Definition of Rights!

What is the work we must accomplish in 2016? What does the New Year hold in store? How can we take up the major concerns of the peoples in a manner that provides solutions which open society’s path to progress?

CPC(M-L) thinks that a good starting point is to recognize that the problems which exist in fact reveal for all to see a glimpse of the new world which is striving to be born. For the New to come into being and problems to be sorted out, it is incumbent on the working class to raise the expectation that the economy must be organized to fulfill its responsibilities to the people and society. It must deprive monopoly right of its power to deprive the actual producers of what belongs to them by right. A new direction is required to solve the economy’s fundamental problems and contradictions, and to mobilize the full power of the socialized economy, in particular the human factor/social consciousness.

Finance capital cannot harmonize individuals and collectives and thus it increasingly resorts to exercising the power of public authority through police powers. But while police powers may permit robbery, they cannot sort out the problems of the economy.

An economy is an integrated whole. For the economy to function an equilibrium must be established. Individual right cannot be reduced to a property right which must be provided with a guarantee no matter what. It requires at a minimum the recognition of the rights of the actual producers. Individual right must be defined on a new basis while collective rights must be put on par and both harmonized within the context of the general interests of society. These general interests are greater than the sum of its parts.

The ruling elite with their sycophants, pundits, leading academic lights and monopolized media nonetheless blame their inability to sort out the fundamental contradictions at the base of the economy on the working class and people. They loathe their resistance and struggle for their rights and their very right to be. The more the contradictions inherent in the relations of production split the society asunder, the more irrational the elite become. Evidence of this is seen in the refusal to renew the political process so as to eliminate the role of power and privilege and permit the participation of the people in creating the conditions for their own living. It is seen in the promotion of fraudulent schemes, double standards and hypocrisy to cover up self-serving agenda. The increasing use of the courts, prisons and detention camps to keep the people in check and the deployment of police and armed forces to make the problems go away are acts of desperation, not acts of finding solutions to the problems which exist.

Far from the people and their existence being the cause of the problems at home and wars abroad, the peoples’ resistance gives rise to a forward-looking perspective and direction and a bright future. Actions which criminalize the workers and peoples for trying to solve the problems which face them and their societies reveal a criminal outlook which must also be opposed.

Organizing Work Will Be the Key to Our Victory

In 2016, CPC(M-L) thinks organization will be the key to our victory. The Party dedicates all its efforts to assist the working class to put on its agenda the necessity to develop its organization, thinking, practical politics and empowerment to attain a determining influence over the political affairs of the country and broad control of the economy in all the basic sectors. This entails depriving those who own and control great social wealth, the imperialist bourgeoisie and their state, of the power to deprive the working class of its empowerment and right to democratic renewal and a new direction for the economy.

For the working class to become a dynamic Proletarian Front it must have its own organizational forms, theory and practical politics. To move forward, the communist and workers’ movement must look to itself and what it needs to do to accomplish its tasks within the objective conditions. To succumb to the siren song of convincing the imperialist bourgeoisie to change and behave in a pro-social manner is not an option. Change comes when the social class which produces the wealth society depends on for its living is organized and pursues its own independent politics, theory and actions with analysis.

This year, CPC(M-L) is also putting its full weight behind efforts by Youth for Democratic Renewal to make sure a political climate prevails across the country. The youth will organize themselves to oppose attempts to liquidate the people’s political movement on the basis of post-modern irrationality and incoherence. Volunteerist programs which claim to deliver progressive solutions while the right to conscience and behaviour of those who do not agree to fall in step are criminalized must be opposed. Only by involving everyone in political forums where people raise their concerns and sort them out and enlightened solutions are discussed can the conditions be created whereby the youth can organize a bright future for themselves.

In 2016, let us work to establish a public authority consistent with the needs of the times! Let us work so that society provides itself with a modern definition of rights!

In 2016, All Out for Democratic Renewal and an Anti-War Government!


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