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Israel: Hebron assassination – ‘never have so many cheered such a vile murderer’

A mob supporting the detained Zionist murderer outside the court in Occupied Palestine where his hearing was taking place, March 29, 2016 | Ilan Assayag

A mob supporting the detained Zionist murderer outside the court in Occupied Palestine where his hearing was taking place, March 29, 2016 | Ilan Assayag

For your information: Articles from the Israeli press on the cold-blooded assassination of an incapacitated man in Occupied Palestine

Abed al-Fatah al Sharif was lying clearly unconscious on the ground, one of two men who had allegedly attacked an Israeli soldier, wounding him slightly on March 24. Despite having already been shot to the ground, where he lay wounded for several minutes, after allegedly stabbing an Israeli soldier. He was then shot in the head at point-blank range by another IDF soldier.

“The soldier was not acting in self-defence,” reported Al-Monitor. “He did not fear for his life or for those of other soldiers, and from initial examination of the incident, it turns out that he wasn’t even part of the force operating in the area when the man attacked. Rather, he arrived after the incident was over. He apparently acted the way he did because that was the way the wind was blowing.” Amos Harel of the Israeli paper Haaretz described the killing as nothing less than a “cold-blooded execution.” 

The assassination is hardly exceptional, nor is the Israeli culture of impunity: killing Palestinians is a way of life in the Zionist utopia, which is given carte blanche by the United States, Canada and the European Union and its media. The heroization of the executioner seems to be. Even by the barbaric standards of Zionist forces in Occupied Palestine, the cold-blooded execution of a wounded Palestinian has sent shockwaves around the world, with one senior UN official branding it an “extrajudicial execution” and a “gruesome, immoral, and unjust act,” but not among soldiers on the scene or the wider Israeli public.

On Thursday, March 30, a military judge, Lt. Col. Ronen Shor, ordered that the soldier be released from jail and instead kept under open arrest at his base.

Since last October, more than 200 Palestinians have now been shot dead by Israeli forces, some in clashes, the majority after they had been accused of attacking or attempting to attack Israelis, with nearly 30 Israelis killed in the same period. – TS

  • Never have so many cheered such a vile murderer
  • IDF grovels – downgrades charges against soldier-executioner who shot subdued Palestinian to manslaughter
  • Video shows soldier shaking hands with far-right activist after shooting subdued Palestinian attacker
  • Soldier said Palestinian assailant ‘needs to die’ before shooting, army probe finds
  • Hebron murder was no exception, but the inevitable result
  • The shooting in Hebron was a cold-blooded execution
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Israel revives 50-year-old land theft plan

Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Yigal Allon (L) meets with US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (C) and Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir before dinner at the prime minister's residence, Jerusalem, Feb. 27, 1974. (photo by Facebook/The Prime Minister of Israel)

Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Yigal Allon (L) meets with US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (C) and Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir before dinner at the prime minister’s residence, Jerusalem, Feb. 27, 1974. (photo by Facebook/The Prime Minister of Israel)


(March 29) – In a March 18 statement, the Land Defense Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) reintroduced to political discussion terminology no longer often heard. In the statement, the PLO accused right-wing Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu of reviving the Allon Plan, so named after the late Labor Party Minister Yigal Allon. Continue reading


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Yom-el-Ard – Day of the Land: Symbol of Palestinian Resistance

The Palestinian citizens in Israel are marking the 40th anniversary of Land Day today with massive demonstrations in several Arab villages, including Arrabeh in the Galilee and Umm al-Hayran in the south. This article from our archives provides essential information on the vital issue of land and the rising of 1976, when the Palestinian citizens of Israel revolted against the Israeli government, which had just announced new and extensive land expropriation plans in the Galilee.

On the 29th Anniversary of Palestine Land Day

More from the Halifax Political Forum

HALIFAX (15 April 2004) – March 30 marked Yom-el-Ard, the 29th anniversary of the Day of the Land, a symbol of Palestinian resistance.

On Land Day, 30 March 1976, thousands of Palestinians inside Israel and the West Bank staged a general strike against new orders of expropriating 60,000 dunams of their land in the Galilee which were declared “closed military zones.” After years of military rule, Land Day 1976 was the first act of mass resistance by the Palestinians inside Israel against the Zionist policy of internal colonialization, a systematic process of expropriation that had reduced Palestinian land ownership from around 94 per cent of all territory in pre-1948 Palestine to less than 3 per cent in what is now considered to be Israel. The ensuing clashes with Israeli army and police after the peaceful protests killed six Palestinians, hundreds were wounded and hundreds more jailed. Land Day reaffirmed the Palestinian minority in Israel as an inseparable part of the Palestinian nation. Continue reading


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Looking at the Trudeau budget

130501-CalgaryMayDay-108crThe federal government released its 2016 budget on March 22, which it calls Growing the Middle Class. The March 26 issue of TML Weekly  features part one of a series “Looking at the Budget,” which points out that the “aim of the Liberal budget is found in the details.” Continue reading

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Brother Obama

(March 28) – The kings of Spain brought us the conquistadores and masters, whose footprints remained in the circular land grants assigned to those searching for gold in the sands of rivers, an abusive and shameful form of exploitation, traces of which can be noted from the air in many places around the country. Continue reading

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Overview: Historic visit of US President to Cuba March 20-22


TML Weekly (March 26) – President of Cuba Raúl Castro saw his U.S. counterpart Barack Obama off at José Martí International Airport in Havana on March 22 at the end of his three-day visit. Prensa Latina reports that both Presidents shook hands, reaffirming their willingness to continue the process towards normalization of relations which began on December 17, 2014. From Havana Obama flew to Argentina.

The visit is historic because it is the first time a sitting U.S. president has visited Cuba since 1928 when Calvin Coolidge arrived aboard a U.S. warship to attend the 6th Pan American Conference, held under the sponsorship of an infamous local figure, Gerardo Machado. In fact, Obama is only the second U.S. president ever to visit Cuba, despite the island’s proximity to the U.S. mainland. Continue reading

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Anti-Communist fairy tales about Cuba, freedom, democracy and human rights

Re: Op-ed in the Globe and Mail, February 25. Originally posted on February 25, I am reposting as a Globe editorial on March 22, 2016 called for regime change in Cuba.


mediaculpaheader.stretchedCertain things are well known when it comes to the U.S. For instance, the U.S. contains only 4.4 per cent of the world’s population but it has the dubious prestige of incarcerating 22 per cent of the world’s prisoners, not to mention a largest number of political prisoners. It is also infamous for its arbitrary detentions and Guantanamo-type torture camps. In 2015 alone police in the U.S. killed 1,140 people. Continue reading

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