US electoral fraud: Trump cancels another rally in Florida

Anti-Trump rally draws 10,000 protesters at the University of Illinois | CodePink

Anti-Trump rally drew over 10,000 protesters at the University of Illinois on March 11 | CodePink

News and Comment (Revised late March 15)

Donald Trump “postponed” a political campaign rally in Doral, Florida on Monday evening after nearly 3,000 people had registered to attend several Facebook events protesting the Republican front-runner.

“The amount of people interested in protesting Trump’s event was higher than we initially thought. I was approached by neighbors and friends who are not active in the community, and even by people in the streets, saying that they want to support our efforts and make their voices heard to stop Trump,”  said Saul Aleman, a student leader from Homestead Equal Rights for All.

The abrupt cancellation came on the eve of the so-called Super Tuesday electoral primaries in the states of Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Missouri and North Carolina.

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Trump’s campaign announced that they might be back in Miami Tuesday evening if he wins the primaries in Florida. “If we are successful on Election Day, we will do a celebration at Doral after the election,” said Trump’s campaign in a statement.


CNN ireported “we are looking at thousands of protesters right now (inside the hall) . . . half the arena is anti-Trump.” (The seating capacity of the UC arena is 9,500.)

Trump had to cancel a rally in Chicago on Friday after over ten thousand protesters swarmed the event, with minor clashes.

Another Trump rally on Saturday evening March 12 in Kansas City went ahead as planned, but the Republican hopeful was forced to stop several times for various groups of protesters, chanting and carrying signs with messages like, “Deport Racism.”

Anti-Trump protesters outside of the hall were reportedly pepper-sprayed by police several times.

Similar though smaller protests by Black Lives Matter, several of whose activitst were arrested, have denounced Hillary Clinton.

The scene was tense outside the Republican candidates’ debate on March 3 at the Fox Theater in downtown Detroit, Michigan. Police and Secret Service agents set up a law enforcement barricade between protesters from civil rights, labour, anti-war and immigrant rights organizations — who were angered by Trump and the other candidates’ presence — and their reactionary supporters

The scene was tense outside the Republican candidates’ debate on March 3 at the Fox Theater in downtown Detroit, Michigan. Police and Secret Service agents set up a law enforcement barricade between protesters from civil rights, labour, anti-war and immigrant rights organizations — who were angered by Trump and the other candidates’ presence — and their reactionary supporters

Over the weekend Trump was widely condemned for inciting aggressive and violent behaviour among his followers, which turns the American people into targets of counter-violence. Although this has been front and centre since last fall in the Trump candidacy, it is significant that this condemnation, including a statement even by the Republican Party amplified by non-stop “debate” on CNN et al, began mainly after the unprecedented cancellation of the Chicago rally.

In this sense, Trump is merely a stalking horse to test the waters for the ruling class — what response will there be among the people to the openly racist and reactionary filth and violence? How widespread and determined will opposition be? The answer to date is very, as numerous demonstrations and actions across the United States since last fall are standing for the rights of the people and against Trump and the racist U.S. government.

In our report on the Chicago events, we pointed out late Friday, “The unprecedented cancellations and mass protests shows the strong anti-establishment, anti-racist, anti-war sentiment among voters across party lines.  The entire media and prejudice is arrayed against the people, who are now having to contend with the barrage of disinformation and attempt to portray them as troublemakers, spoilers, intransigent and incite them to fight amongst one another instead of focussing their energies to win the justice of their cause.”

“The aim of the U.S. electoral fraud is basic: to keep the rich in power in the USA and on the world scale by using the elections to legitimize government even if it is not a government of laws. The primaries and 24/7 cable TV coverage have been an orchestrated effort by the rich to capture this growing anti-establishment sentiment and rein it back in to acceptance of the existing authority, rather than rejection of it.”

More importantly, the shutdown of the Chicago rally was followed quickly by more drama and controversy, as the media, all the individual candidates and their touts vied to mystify the source of violence and present the people as racist and backward. The violence is directed against the youth and working people who are not to blame for the instigation of state terrorism but are its victims. For example, Chicago is the feudal city state controlled by Obama whose police have slaughtered Black youth like Laquan McDonald, shot 16 times in 2014; Quintonio LeGrier, shot seven times; and Bettie Jones, a 55-year-old Black grandmother in 2015. A mass protest converted into an “organized riot” by establishment politicians and media was set as the talking point.

The Trump camp began the pursuit of an NGO linked to the Democrats ( and its role in the Chicago protests immediately the Chicago rally was shut down.

On the March 11 edition of Fox News’ Hannity, after Trump had canceled his rally and as the protests continued outside, Trump suggested that the “staged deal by MoveOn” would have led to “tremendous clashes” inside the stadium. On the March 11 edition of Fox News” The Kelly File, as the protests were underway, Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson claimed that “socialist and anarchist groups” like aimed to “create the threat, because the threat is more terrifying.” Trump publicly likened the group to the Ku Klux Klan and accused it of “creating this havoc and … putting innocent people’s lives in jeopardy.” Trump himself has been endorsed by former neo-Nazi and KKK Grand Wizard David Duke.[1] On the other hand, different folks cited the statement issued following the March 11 protests by Ilya Sheyman, executive director of Political Action, that its role was solely one of logistical and material support of students: “We helped student leaders by printing signs and recruiting MoveOn members to attend the student-led protest.” has its own agenda, as we shall discuss.

By superceding each event with a new one, the public’s attention is shifted away from the attack itself and the interests served by the attack. Already the March 11 rally itself is old news. The public’s attention has been led elsewhere, to Super Tuesday as “decisive” in the battle to see who will be the champion “to make America great again.”


The aim of the “democrats” is to use the Trump card to divert the main thrust of the anti-establishment movement to take up independent politics with its own aims, split the polity along racial, religious and other lines, and create the terrain for even more violent repression at home and aggressive war abroad.

Diversion is their stock-in-trade of the Democrats. For example, this so-called NGO – founded in 1998 by the owners of the software corporation Berkeley Systems to sidetrack the impeachment of President Clinton by the Congress “and move on” – was brought to the fore in 2002-03 to sideline and depoliticize the anti-war, anti-Bush movement of Americans against the Iraq invasion and turn it into a “protest movement” acting as a lobby group for the Democrats. It has raised millions of dollars for candidates it identifies as “progressives,” though the criteria of what is progressive is left in the shade. It worked to create the notion that those fighting for rights should rally around Obama to block McCain.

Who is behind it? Financier and speculator George Soros, who has advanced $6 million to Hillary Clinton, donated $1.46 million to during the 2004 election cycle. Linda Pritzker of the Hyatt hotel family gave the group a $4 million donation. By specializing in social media, it pushed that the line that people did not have to organize at the base and empower themselves but simply master such tools and focus on PR aimed at the monopoly media. It supported the continuation of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as “humanitarian interventions” and the escalation of the war on terror that has turned America into a police and surveillance state which acts with impunity. In 2007, MoveOn was a co-founder of Avaaz, also funded by Soros, which became an instrument for the “soft power’ of Hillary Clinton. In 2011, it campaigned for the “No Fly zone” as the cover to launch the war on Libya before turning to polished, sophisticated and highly financed “Save Syria” campaigns, allegedly sponsoring fabricated videos of civilian massacres, to back deeper foreign intervention in Syria. [2] Avaaz also operates in Canada.

I wrote on March 12 on Facebook: “The so-called ‘democrats’, of course, do not approve of the ‘excesses’ of the open reactionaries and fear any ascension to power of the latter. But they fear even greater the working class and people’s movement and the anti-imperialist resistance in the Middle East and Latin America and regard fascism as an excellent antidote to these ‘dangerous’ movements. They are pleading with Trump ‘not to go to extremes’ and consequently are conspiring against the people. Hillary Clinton today called Trump an arsonist and this warmonger presented herself as the firefighter, just as William Clinton presented himself as the quintessential centrist.

“The main aim is to divert and confine the anti-establishment movement for rights that has been developing in the USA and openly block the people from organizing to solve problems in their own interests and to resolve the contradictions facing their society.”

Trump is a cover for Clinton

Trump is a cover for Clinton, who can be said to be more aggressive and dangerous than Trump. “Our Commander-in-Chief,” she declared after Super Tuesday, “has to defend our country, not embarrass it.” She called for “attacking our adversaries” – just as she has called to eliminate Iran, to invade Syria, for Israel to attack Gaza with even more ferocity than in 2014, to carry out even more aggression abroad. She has openly lied on her vote in support of the Bush invasion of Iraq, of which she was an accomplice as was Obama. As Secretary of State, she is the one who contended with Obama to such a degree a dual presidency existed, with Clinton carrying out foreign policy in contention with Obama, a situation reminiscent of World War II.

050120.nobush.d.c.095More and more Americans are talking openly about the necessity for a “political revolution” to check the billionaire class, empower the people, stop  U.S. aggression abroad and its racist and anti-people repression at home, and bring about democratic renewal. The disenfranchised youth and working people of many backgrounds are especially active. Billionaire Donald Trump is a presidential candidate in the 2016 elections simply because he is a billionaire and can fund his own campaign. This exclusion of workers and their interests is also a more vital issue for debate than any of the policies Trump has put forward. Far from making Trump the main target, what is needed is stepping up the fight against the racist U.S. state and advancing the fight for empowerment.

The anarchy and chaos that has been unleashed by the USA striving for world domination in Paris, Beirut, Libya, Syria and Iraq is now being unleashed inside the “democracy” to isolate the resistance to U.S. aggression abroad and its racist and anti-people repression at home, and not permit a new political solution to problems that have emerged. Security at home and abroad lies in the fight for the rights of all.


[1] The Washington Post on February 28 noted the arrest of his father, Fred Trump, during a disturbance involving the Klan in New York in 1927. Numerous publications have reported this. The Post wrote that on Memorial Day in 1927, Fred Trump was one of seven men arrested in a brawl in Jamaica, Queens, during a march of 1,000 Klansmen. The elder Trump was detained “on a charge of refusing to disperse from a parade when ordered to do so.” Donald Trump denied the credibility of the report, although it was published at the time in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. He said that his father was “never there,” was “never arrested” and this incident “never happened.” He said he was “never even charged,” and the report is “a completely false, ridiculous story.” On February 29, Jake Tapper on CNN’s State of the Union program asked Trump about Duke’s support. Trump denied knowing about the racist and fascist organization and said there might be “groups in there that are totally fine. … So give me a list of the groups and I’ll let you know.” Tapper responded with, “OK. I’m just talking about David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan here.” Trump claimed he didn’t know Duke, had never met him and knew nothing about him. (citation from: International Action Centre)

[2] Avaaz is the operational name of “Global Engagement and Organizing Fund,” a non-profit organization legally incorporated in 2006. Avaaz was founded by Res Publica, described as a global civic advocacy group, and, “an online community that has pioneered internet advocacy in the United States.”…The silent voice behind Avaaz, that of Res Publica, is, in the public realm, essentially comprised of 3 key individuals: Tom Perriello, a pro-war (former) U.S. Representative who describes himself as a social entrepreneur, Ricken Patel, consultant to many of the most powerful entities on Earth and the long-time associate of Perriello, and Tom Pravda, a member of the UK Diplomatic Service who serves as a consultant to the U.S. State Department….In addition to receiving funding from the Open Society Institute, Avaaz has publicly cited the Open Society Institute as their foundation partner. This admission by founder Ricken Patel is found on the website.  The Open Society Institute (renamed in 2011 to Open Society Foundations) is a private operating and grantmaking foundation founded by George Soros, who remains the chair. …Avaaz’s stance on both Libya (now annihilated) and now Syria is in smooth synchronicity with the positions within the U.S. administration, positions such as those vocalized by the likes of war criminals such as Hillary Clinton (of “We came. We saw. He died. Laughter…” fame). The ugly iron fist of war is gently being spoon-fed to the public by way of a very dark velvet glove – that being Avaaz.” [citation from: Imperialist Pimps of Militarism, Protectors of the Oligarchy, Trusted Facilitators of War | Part II, Section I]

(With files from CNN, telesur,, Wikipedia)

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Photo Gallery: 10,000 protestors shut down Trump rally in Chicago



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2 responses to “US electoral fraud: Trump cancels another rally in Florida

  1. nomange

    IMHO, while many demonstrators are said to support Sanders, the disruptions are being funded by George Soros to assist Clinton, and frankly if we are talking about the lesser of two evils, Trump is an ‘unknown’ or ‘partially known’ ‘known’, while Hillary is a ‘known known’. Frankly, this voter cannot contemplate voting for someone with a consistent record of arrogance, dishonesty, and complicity and/or advocacy of mass murder over someone who is arrogant, corrupt and inflammatory but who has also spoken important truths that threaten the establishment. So, while as a pro-Franklin Roosevelt Democrat, I prefer Bernie over the other two, I will vote for Trump over Hillary without hesitation.

    • Thanks for interesting comment. I expanded the article later last night, as I was aware that was deliberately being made an issue. A distinction must be made between agencies of the elite trying to operate in the movement and claim it as their own, and the just stand people are taking. We have seen the same thing in Canada. As for Clinton and Trump, the main thing I believe we do agree on is — what are their deeds as the criteria. As for who to vote for, that is your decision!

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