Largest water privatizer in the world: Private partner for Edmonton transit also violating international law in Palestine

Even as the Palestinian people are continuing to fight valiantly to end the illegal Israeli occupation of their land, Veolia is aiding and abetting that occupation by:

  1. operating Jerusalem Light Rail under a 30 year contract in violation of international law because it is built on Palestinian land and is an extension of Israel’s illegal settlement enterprise;
  2. managing the Tovian waste disposal site in the illegally occupied Jordan Valley;
  3. running a bus service to the illegal Israeli settlements on occupied land; and
  4. operating the Ayalon Sewage Treatment Plant which provides wastewater treatment to illegal settlements.

In addition to its participation in the Israeli occupation of Palestine, Veolia is involved in other examples of bribery, corruption, union-busting, environmental degradation, price-gouging, obfuscation, and misdirection around the world.

Veolia is currently at the centre of a huge corruption scandal in Romania, after its local subsidiary the Apa Nova water and sewerage company was accused of bribing local authorities to approve higher prices for its services.

Veolia’s sinister history and practices bring to mind the similarly checkered track record of another private French monopoly, Thales, which was hired by Edmonton City Council for the $45 million LRT signalling contract for the NAIT LRT line.

Despite Veolia’s global track record of nefarious activities, the water monopoly continues to enjoy substantial support within powerful pockets of financial and political circles. One reason may be that it is controlled by the Rothschild clique, one of the world’s most powerful and wealthy families.

The facts about Veolia’s shady past are easily found even at well-known information sites, as are the facts about Thales’ shady past. This raises an important question that needs to be answered. Why does Edmonton City Council outsource to such companies, when it is so blatantly obvious that they are completely unsuitable to be trusted with the completion of important civic projects that are supposed to be serving the public interest? This is in addition to the principle that public utilities such as the LRT should be completely public without private monopoly interests siphoning off public funds out of the local and national economy, seriously weakening our collective well-being and security.

Dougal MacDonald, Alberta Worker, March 1, 2016, Vol. 2, No. 5

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