53rd Anniversary of the Syrian Revolution — March 8, 1963

An Anti-Oligarchic, Anti-Imperialist, Anti-Zionist Popular Revolution

1971 OSPAAAL poster in solidarity with Syria by Lázaro Abrue Padrón

1971 OSPAAAL poster in solidarity with Syria by Lázaro Abrue Padrón

Organization of Solidarity of the People of Asia, Africa & Latin America (OSPAAAL)

The commemoration of the 53rd anniversary of the Syrian Revolution of March 8, 1963 — with its anti-oligarchic, popular, anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist character that allowed its people to realize their independence, formally declared in 1945 after the end of the French colonial mandate — is an occasion to reaffirm our categorical rejection of what has been the most brutal war of imperialism and its allies against Syria, with economic strangulation, unimaginable terrorist practices and unprecedented media aggression used to demonize the victimized country.

The delicate situation of internal instability that broke out in March 2011 in this, a secular, progressive state that has defended, in very difficult conditions, its legitimate rights to self-determination and national independence, was utilized with ruthless opportunism to unleash a reactionary anti-Syrian conspiracy, an escalation of attacks and a dirty war of unthinkable proportions that has involved regional and international actors. Internal problems that could have been resolved in a sovereign way by the people and the Syrian authorities were used to stimulate sedition and sow chaos, destruction and death:

More than 250,000 deaths, 50,000 of them members of the army and the militia; four million refugees and 11 million internally displaced; 5.6 million Syrian children suffer from extreme poverty; another two million live as refugees in neighbouring countries; 20,000 children have lost their lives in this premeditated, deliberate war — the most serious humanitarian crisis in 70 years, according to United Nations statistics.

For the past almost five years, and to an ever-increasing extent, Syria has been living through hell. There will be no resolution to this serious conflict as long as there are countries that support and finance international terrorism. The Pentagon and NATO have tried to destroy the Syrian government to weaken and turn the Arab countries into Bantustans, while consolidating their Zionist stronghold in the region.

The weakening, fragmentation and destruction of Syria could have opened the way for a decisive blow to the struggles and resistance of all the Arab peoples against Zionism and imperialism, whose intentions are nothing less than to re-colonize them, take control of their wealth, natural resources and strategic geographical location.

But Syria and her people have resisted for the sake of their own survival, for the survival of all the peoples of the Middle East and of all the peoples of the Third World. Another very different history and course of events would have resulted had Syria not managed — with the internationalist cooperation of friendly forces and countries — to be on the front line to contain and defend against fundamentalist Islamic mercenary extremism, which not even the powers that gave rise to it so they could use it in their own interests, can control today.

The despicable, inhuman and growing series of terrorist acts and war of aggression, that with the most sophisticated weaponry have claimed tens of thousands of innocent lives, must cease.

Any attempt to undermine the territorial integrity of Syria must be categorically rejected.

OSPAAAL reiterates that only the Syrian people have the authority to find a sovereign resolution to their internal problems. OSPAAAL is unequivocally opposed to any interventionist formula; rejects the unequal war of lies and misrepresentations fabricated by the international media to confuse and try to justify the continuing aggression; supports the legitimate right to self-determination of Syria and hopes that very soon a legitimate and lasting formula for peace will be agreed to that can put an end to the genocide and barbarism.

Respect the sovereignty, territorial integrity and
self-determination of the Syrian people!
Syria is resisting and will prevail!

Remarks of the Secretary General of OSPAAAL in the Tricontinental Audiovisual Space organized to commemorate the 53rd anniversary of the Syrian Revolution of March 8, 1963. Havana, March 18, 2016.


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