This day. 41st anniversary of the defeat of US aggression and intervention in Vietnam

Victory monument in Xuan Loc, Vietnam

Victory monument in Xuan Loc, Vietnam

On April 30, 1975, 41 years ago, the U.S. imperialists had to flee Vietnam as their puppet regime in Saigon collapsed and their armed aggression and intervention in Vietnam was defeated.

This war of intervention and aggression by U.S. imperialism goes down in the annals of aggressive wars as one of the most brutal. It left more than 3 million Vietnamese dead, millions more wounded and homeless and the entire country and its economy in ruin. The devastation caused to the country and the people almost reached the level of that in Korea where U.S. imperialism had intervened in the early fifties and which was the first place the U.S. had to be satisfied with defeat.

While the barbarity of intervention and aggression against the people of Vietnam by U.S. imperialism was thoroughly condemned by the peoples of the world, including sections of the people in the U.S., the heroism and courage of the people of Vietnam was legendary. They fought without flinching for their national liberation, reunification and independence. The heroic people of Vietnam fought for the peoples of the entire world who were also under fire from U.S. imperialism. They won victory in the battlefield and, since then, have embarked on reconstruction with the same resolve.

PartyPressSupportVietnam (1)We resolutely hail the historic victory of the heroic people of Vietnam and wish them continued success in their struggle for peace, independence and prosperity. We condemn the U.S. imperialists for the crimes they committed in Vietnam and which they continue to commit to push their interests at the cost of the interests of the peoples of the world, threatening their peace and depriving them of the fruits of their labour and their prosperity. We also condemn the reactionaries in Canada who try to portray the participation of Canadians in the U.S. forces as heroic while they remain silent about Canada’s role in propping up the U.S. drug lords and other puppet forces in Vietnam. We condemn the declaration by the Parliament of Canada of April 30 as a black day for Vietnam and its claim that those who left Vietnam were escaping a dictatorship and seeking freedom in Canada when in fact they were mostly in the pay of the U.S. imperialist puppet regime.

Hail the 41st Anniversary of the Victory of the Struggle of the Heroic Vietnamese People for Their Liberation!
Down with U.S. Imperialism and All Reaction!
Oppose All Imperialist Wars of Intervention and Aggression!

Source: Website of CPC(M-L)

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