Photo Review. May 1, 2015 – May 1, 2016

Manufacturing Yes! Nation-Wrecking No!

Successful Hamilton Day of Action, organized by steelworkers January 30, 2016, demands governments uphold the law and defend public right.

Active and retired steelworkers from United Steelworker Locals 1005 and 8782 attend the Ontario Superior Court in Toronto October 7-8, 2015 where U.S. Steel presents several motions for its phoney bankruptcy proceedings.

Hamilton steelworkers picket the office of Conservative MP David Sweet (Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale) October 2, 2015 to hold the Harper government to account for its secret deal with U.S. Steel.

September 7 — Labour Day in Hamilton.

Hamilton steelworkers hold a dinner July 24, 2015 to express their profound appreciation for outgoing President Rolf Gerstenberger and Vice-President Jake Lombardo and the decisive role played by Local 1005 USW over the past 12 years.

A thousand workers from across the country attending the Unifor national council meeting in Montreal on August 21 protest the neo-liberal agenda of the Harper government and attacks on the rights of workers by global monopolies.

Working people confront Conservative leader Stephen Harper at an August 19 campaign stop in London. Protestors highlight the brutal destruction of manufacturing in the region as well as the government’s anti-terror laws and attacks on public services and social programs.

Brampton truckers hold strike rally September 8. Better working conditions, a safe work environment and respect are the three main demands of dozens of truck drivers who have been fighting the arbitrary actions of their employer and the injustice of the Canada Labour Code.

A lively demonstration and public meeting take place in Lac-Mégantic October 11 to demand rail safety and rerouting of the rail line that runs through the town, while maintaining the economy of the region that relies on rail transport.

Rally in Lac-Mégantic marks the second anniversary of the July 6 train derailment which killed 47 people.

Autoworkers organize rallies across Ontario on September 23, during the federal election, holding the Harper government to account for its secret Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations. Photos above from Essex.

Hundreds of farmers and dairy industry workers from Quebec and Ontario drive tractors and trucks from their communities to Ottawa for a militant rally on Parliament Hill on September 29 in response to Canada’s participation in secret negotiations for the neo-liberal TPP trade deal which resumed in Atlanta.

The Quebec Union of Agricultural Producers (UPA) holds a mass rally September 24 to defend the supply management system outside the Montreal venue where the French-language leaders debate is to take place. More than 1,000 farmers from across Quebec participate,  joined by farmers from Ontario.

Three hundred Quebec farmers and dairy, egg and poultry producers rally at federal Minister Denis Lebel’s office on July 27 to demand the supply management system, endangered by the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations, be protected.

Seafarers picket in Burlington against the Harper government and its neo-liberal Comprehensive Economic Treaty Agreement with Europe. This September 1 action was one of many held by the Seafarers to defeat Harper and stop CETA.

Defend the Public Post Office

Postal workers rally outside Harper’s Calgary constituency office August 14 during their national tour calling for an end to the service cuts.

Postal workers kick off coast-to-coast national tour in St. John’s, Newfoundland on July 15. The cross country tour to defeat Harper and defend the public post continues throughout the federal election campaign.

Postal workers join other working people in picket that greets Harper’s May 13 visit to Windsor.

Rally May 7, 2015, during the Canadian Union of Postal Workers convention defends the public post office & CUPW expresses determination to defeat Harper.

Public Sector Workers Oppose Austerity Agenda

Public service workers rally in Ottawa June 15 against the latest omnibus bill, Bill C-59, which if passed would unilaterally change their sick leave in violation of their contracts.

From early 2015 until the October 19 federal election public sector workers carried monthly protests against wrecking of services by the federal government and to defeat Harper. This one in Gatineau May 19, 2015.

Federal public service workers protest in Manotick, Ontario May 12 outside the constituency office of Pierre Poilievre, Minister of Employment and Social Development, against the government’s unilateral decision to remove sick leave benefits from their collective agreement.

Working people take to the streets in Montreal, Quebec City and elsewhere in Quebec December 9 as the 400,000-strong Common Front holds a one-day strike across Quebec in an attempt to break the impasse imposed on negotiations by the Couillard government’s obstinacy.

Thousands of people demonstrate in Montreal November 28 against the austerity and privatization agenda of the Couillard government.

Demonstration November 12 by public sector workers in Bas-Saint-Laurent (above) and Sherbrooke in response to another unacceptable offer by the Couillard government.

Quebec’s public sector workers’ mass action of 150,000 people in Montreal on October 3 demands the government end its attacks on workers and negotiate to provide them with the wages and working conditions they require.

Workers from many unions rally at London City Hall June 30 in support of the 750 city inside workers who have been on strike since May 25 to oppose the city’s attempt to extort major concessions from them on working conditions.

June 15 — Ontario working people say “Hands Off Our Public Assets” at Queen’s Park protest against the Wynne government’s plans to sell Hydro One.

More than 2,000 people demonstrate at the Ontario Liberal Party’s annual general meeting June 6 under the banner, “Stand Up for Ontario!” They demand the privatization of Ontario Hydro be stopped and legislation outlawing strikes by high school teachers in three Ontario school districts be withdrawn.

Health Care Is a Right!

Nurses joined by steelworkers and other allies in rally against cuts at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Hamilton, March 1, 2016.

Ontario Health Coalition (OHC) organizes protests January 18-February 1 in defence of public health care and against austerity agenda, culminating with a rally at Queen’s Park in Toronto. Rallies are held in cities where the provincial government is holding “pre-budget consultations” (see below).  




Healthcare workers rally January 20, 2016, outside first ministers’ meeting in Vancouver in defence of public health care.

A day of action June 15 across Canada and Quebec demands the Harper government restore health care services for refugees. Above are actions in Halifax, Toronto and Hamilton.

Nurses demonstrate during Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions’ national convention in Halifax, June 5, 2015, putting health care on the agenda in the federal election, with placards that say: “Vote for the Health Care We Deserve.”

May 20 day of action is organized by Quebec healthcare workers against austerity measures being implemented by the Couillard government. Photos taken in Mount Royal.

Teachers and Education Workers Defend Public Education

Teachers march through the streets of the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district in Montreal, January 16, 2016, to reject dismantling of public education system and demand increased investments.

September 30, thousands of Quebec teachers demonstrate in Montreal demanding proper wages and working conditions so they can provide students with the education they require.

Teachers and education workers demonstrate at the June 13 annual general meeting of Ontario Public School Boards’ Association. They reject the Association’s demands in
negotiations for concessions that would erode teachers’ working conditions.

Pickets outside schools in Jonquiere and Sept-Iles in May 2015 defend public education in the face of the Quebec government’s austerity agenda.

Ontario teachers and education workers rally at Queen’s Park May 14, 2015, as part of an ongoing fight for a negotiated contract that upholds their rights and defends public education.

 Pickets by teachers at offices of Premier Wynne and other Liberal MPs on May 8, 2015, demand the government negotiate collective agreements.

High school teachers strike against three Ontario School Boards to back their demands, including Peel District, shown above.

Justice for Injured Workers!

The Ontario Network of Injured Workers’ Groups holds annual Christmas protest at the Ontario Ministry of Labour in Toronto on December 14. The action affirms the right of all Ontarians to compensation for work-related injuries and illnesses and decries the poverty and indignity caused by the unjust denial of compensation by the WSIB and employers.

Delegates to Ontario Federation of Labour biennial convention in Toronto join injured workers in a march and rally November 26 to demand an end to suppression of injured workers’ just claims.

Rally at Queen’s Park in Toronto, march and conference held to mark Ontario Injured Workers’ Day on June 1, 2015.

Defend the Rights of All Working People!

Migrant workers put forward their demands at International Women’s Day action in Edmonton, March 6, 2016.

Contingents in International Women’s Day march in Toronto, March 5, 2016 demand end to precarious work and unequal wages, and that public services set the example by eliminating it.

Taxi drivers rally at Toronto City Hall December 4 against the Uber ride-sharing monopoly.

November 15-16, hundreds of Edmonton cab drivers rally at the Alberta Legislature to demand government action against the illegal operation of the U.S. “ride-sharing” monopoly Uber that is wrecking the taxi industry.

Our Security Lies in the Fight for the Rights of All

April 28, 2016 workers across Canada and Quebec mark the National Day of Mourning (DOM) for workers killed, injured or made ill at work under the banner “Mourn for the Dead, Fight for the Living.” Ceremony above at Pearson Airport in Toronto where a young worker was recently killed on the job.

Hamilton City Hall


Actions across Canada and Quebec on the 13th anniversary of the Iraq war call for an anti-war government and an end to Canada’s participation in U.S. empire-building abroad. Photo above from Ottawa march.



International Women’s Day, March 8, 2016, celebrated with myriad marches, rallies and get-togethers, affirms the rights of women and their fight to provide women’s rights with a guarantee is part of the fight to emanicipate all humanity. Above photo from Montreal march.



Three hundred public service workers, postal workers, Unifor members, Teamsters, nurses, Indigenous people and concerned Canadians from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick unite in a boisterous demonstration May 14 at a Conservative campaign event featuring Prime Minister Harper with calls for the defeat of his government.

May 30 Day of Action, organized by working people across Canada, is part of ongoing actions demanding Bill C-51 be defeated and affirming that “Our Security Lies in the Fight for the Rights of All!” March above in Vancouver.



Two Row Wampum leading Day of Action Against Bill C-51 expresses working peoples’ lead in building new nation-to-nation relations with Indigenous peoples.

Walk for Reconciliation in Ottawa, May 31, 2015 affirms sentiment of the Canadian people to see justice for Indigenous peoples and an end to colonial relations.

Actions demanding justice for Indigenous peoples take place across Canada April 13-15, 2016 in response to the State of Emergency declared in Attawapiskat. These include occupations and protests at the offices of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) in Toronto, Ottawa/Gatineau, Winnipeg and Regina.

Demonstrations across Canada and Quebec in September and October 2015 demand the government take up its responsibilities for the refugee crisis and express the stand of the Canadian people, “Refugees Welcome Here.” Above action in Montreal, October 10.

Ottawa, September 6 & 13

Regina, September 8

Vancouver, September 6

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