In Memoriam – Jean-Guy Allard: A journalist with fidelity to the cause of justice

Jean-Guy Allard 1948 - 2016

Jean-Guy Allard
1948 – 2016

Jean-Guy Allard was born in Shawinigan, Quebec in 1948 and for almost 30 years worked as a reporter and editor with Le Journal de Montreal and Le Journal de Quebec. After his retirement, he moved to Cuba where he resumed his journalistic work and began what colleague and friend Jacques Lanctot described as “his second life.” Jean-Guy began working as a French language editor with Granma International in 2001. Before long he switched from translating to what became his passion: investigating and writing about the activities of the Miami-based terror network of CIA-backed Cuban counterrevolutionaries and their mission to attack the Cuban revolution and its leadership. With sorrow the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) learned of the death of Jean-Guy Allard, in Havana, Cuba, on August 16, 2016 at the age of 68. CPC(M-L) expresses its sincere condolences to his family, colleagues and friends.

In addition to writing for Granma International, Jean-Guy was one of the founders of the publication Cubadebate and the creator of Contrainjerencia (Counter-interference), a website in support of the victims and their families of the 1976 terrorist bombing of a Cubana de Aviacion airliner in Barbados, and in defence of the Cuban Five. He was also a contributor to a number of other publications.

Upon learning of his untimely death, many colleagues and friends wrote tributes to Jean-Guy and his work. Gabriel Molina, the editor of Granma International who hired Jean-Guy to work for that newspaper wrote that “It was so significant for us to have found someone who, despite not coming or arising from our ranks, constantly came to our defense. […] Among those first pieces, I really liked the way he referred to the murderer Luis Posada Carriles and his henchmen, specifically the terrorist organization which was under the command of one of his agents-mercenaries, Santiago Álvarez Fernández-Magriñá. Or the attacks on national territory by the gang who, in their hasty flight, left behind propaganda leaflets and a flag with the name Alpha 66. And the indignation with which he chronicled the crimes of those paid assassins: ‘The whole town was under fire. There was not a single house without bullet marks.’“

“His years with us at Granma International were happy ones,” Molina wrote. “You could tell he enjoyed the job which matched his ideals.” Molina highlighted his greetings, his courageous articles, his natural kindness, his enthusiastic affection for his country of origin and toward Cuba.


The U.S.-Venezuelan writer, political commentator and former advisor to president Hugo Chávez, Eva Golinger, who co-authored with Jean-Guy the book La Agresión Permanente: USAID, NED y CIA, paid tribute to her friend and collaborator as a journalist who was committed to truth, justice and ethics. He had been threatened many times from Miami, but rather than stopping him, she wrote, this only provided more encouragement and reason for him to carry out the work he had taken up.

“Jean-Guy feared nothing. The hundreds of articles published under his name around the world contain powerful, substantiated denunciations of the conspiracies, plans, actions and plots against Cuba. His book, Posada Carriles, cuarenta años de terror, published in Venezuela in 2006, is the authoritative text on the history of Latin America’s most nefarious terrorist, protected today by the United States.”

Golinger also makes mention of Jean-Guy’s “stellar work exposing supposed NGOs” that “behind a facade of defending human rights or freedom of expression actually carry out subversion, interference and destabilization.”

David Urra, his collaborator on Contrainjerencia, writes that Jean-Guy arrived in Cuba as an experienced journalist and “had the heart of one who felt the need to unmask those who hide behind supposed freedom of the press to render meaningless the right to be informed.”

The radio station of the Bolivarian government of Venezuela, La Radio del Sur remembered Jean-Guy Allard as “a great fighter committed to the Bolivarian revolution [who] always denounced the interference of the United States against progressive governments of the region such as those of Venezuela, Ecuador, Cuba, Bolivia.”

Books that Jean-Guy Allard wrote or co-authored include:

  • Allard.Book-Why ReportersithoutBorders Allard.Book-Filière terroriste du FBI contre CubaLe dossier Robert Ménard: pourquoi Reporters sans frontières (RSF) s’acharne sur Cuba (The Robert Menard Dossier: Why Reporters Without Borders (RSF) Goes After Cuba) – 2004, with Marie-Dominique Bertuccioli
  • La filière terroriste du FBI (The FBI’s Terrorist Network) – 2005
  • Posada Carriles, cuarenta años de terror (Posada Carriles, Forty Years of Terror) – 2006
  • Washington – Miami: la conexión terrorista del FBI (Washington-Miami: The FBI’s Terrorist Connection) – 2008
  • La Agresión Permanente: USAID, NED y CIA (Permanent Aggression: USAID, NED and CIA) – 2009, with Eva Golinger

These works and Jean-Guy’s many other writings on Cuba are living testimony to his commitment as a journalist to uncover the crimes of the U.S. empire against Cuba, Venezuela and the world, a contribution for which he will always be remembered.

Source: The Marxist-Leninist Weekly, August 20, 2016 – No. 32

His latest book:

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