No to Canada’s participation in US-led regime change in Syria

Oppose the use of force, provocation and state terrorism

Vigorous and spirited rally on October 1 outside the U.S. embassy in Ottawa organized by the Syrian Arab Association of Canada in response to the U.S. war crime in Deir Ezzor killing scores of Syrian soldiers.

Vigorous and spirited rally on October 1 outside the U.S. embassy in Ottawa organized by the Syrian Arab Association of Canada in response to the U.S. war crime in Deir Ezzor killing scores of Syrian soldiers.

The Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) condemns the escalating use of force, provocation and state terrorism by U.S. imperialism and its agents in Syria aimed at sabotaging a political solution to the conflict. This includes the killing of more than 82 Syrian soldiers on September 17 by U.S. warplanes, attacks two days later on aid vehicles of the United Nations and Syrian Red Crescent killing 21 civilians and a similar provocation on September 20 killing relief workers from the International Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations.

CPC(M-L) further condemns the government of Canada’s support for U.S. policy in Syria and its non-humanitarian spirit. While Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of International Development issued statements denouncing the September 19 and 20 killings, whose culprits have not been identified, the government was silent on the killing of Syrian soldiers by the U.S. Among Canada’s roles in Syria as part of the Liberals’ “expanded mission against ISIS” is identifying targets for U.S. and other Coalition airstrikes. The Trudeau government has issued no statements in the wake of other admitted killings of civilians inside Syria by the U.S.-led coalition.

The callous disregard for human life on the part of the U.S. imperialists is also evident in the continued imposition of brutal sanctions on Syria and its people by the U.S., EU and Canada among others. An internal UN report obtained by The Intercept noted on September 28 that the sanctions “are exceptionally harsh ‘regarding provision of humanitarian aid.’“ They have made “the transfer of funds into the country nearly impossible” while “Items that contain 10 per cent or more of U.S. content, including medical devices, are banned…” The UN finds the sanctions “contributed to a doubling in fuel prices in 18 months and a 40 per cent drop in wheat production since 2010, causing the price of wheat flour to soar by 300 per cent and rice by 650 per cent” and are a “‘principal factor’ in the erosion of Syria’s health care system.” The Intercept notes that in 2013 sanctions were eased in rebel-held areas, at which time the CIA began shipping an annual $1 billion worth of weapons to terrorist groups.

Alongside the claims of working for a cessation of hostilities in Syria the U.S. has not given up its aim for regime change in that country. It is increasingly resorting to provocations and state terrorism. The killing of Syrian soldiers in repeated bombings that lasted for more than one hour directly facilitated ISIS fighters capturing an important position. The attacks on aid convoys, which were supported by the Syrian government and were given safe passage through its territory, have been cynically used as part of a desperate attempt by the U.S. to paint Syria’s efforts to liberate the city of Aleppo and its inhabitants from terrorist groups as aggression. This is epitomized by the irresponsible comments of U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, pointing fingers at Russia and warning that the government of Syria intends to “conquer militarily every last square inch of Syria.”

U.S. and other NATO soldiers and warplanes operate in Syria in open violation of its sovereignty and without permission of the Syrian Arab Republic. In recent months U.S. and British special forces have been photographed inside Syria directly embedded with anti-government death squads they call “moderate rebels.” The U.S. has begun a stealth “no-fly zone” in northern Syria demanding that Syrian planes steer clear or be downed. The Foreign Minister of Turkey, a NATO member, announced on September 24 that Turkish troops will move further into Syria and establish a “5,000 kilometre de facto safe zone.” News agencies report that the U.S. wants to prevent the liberation of Aleppo at all costs, and is preparing to “flood” rebel-held areas with anti-aircraft weaponry, despite acknowledging the danger of these weapons “falling into the wrong hands.”

All of this shows that contradictions are escalating internationally and pose serious dangers to the people of Syria, the Middle East and the world. The desperation of the U.S. imperialists to prevent an end to the conflict in Syria which does not favour its geopolitical striving for domination is increasingly evident. With its corollary of stepped up state terrorism and provocation it is further evidence that the people cannot put their fate in the hands of the big powers or rely on them to secure the peace. Now is the time for Canadians to prepare the conditions for an anti-war government that can be a force for peace internationally.

CPC(M-L) calls on Canadians to demand the government of Canada oppose U.S. aggression in Syria and repudiate its interference in sovereign Syrian affairs including through its own support of anti-government groups and its military support for the U.S./NATO mission in Iraq and Syria. Canada must further lift all sanctions on Syria and restore diplomatic relations with its government. CPC(M-L) calls on everyone to oppose provocations, state terrorism and disinformation that aim to pave the way for war and regime change by going all out to defend Syria’s sovereignty.

Uphold Syria’s Sovereignty!
Hands Off Syria! U.S. Out of Syria!
No to Provocation and State Terrorism for Regime Change!

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