Sighting. Mass resistance sets tone for Trump presidency

Actions in Washington and around the world

Women’s March on Washington, January 21, 2017

Mass actions in the lead up to Inauguration Day, on January 20 in Washington, DC and after, including unprecedented demonstrations for the Women’s March on January 21 made amply clear the widespread sentiment in the U.S. to reject the Trump presidency, oppose war and attacks on rights and for empowerment. Actions took place in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and cities worldwide. The spirit of resistance eclipsed attempts by one or another of the ruling factions of the financial oligarchy to use it for self-serving ends. The actions of people in their millions were a rejection of an outmoded system of politics that deprives them of a say and that has set the country on a dangerous course at home and abroad.

As CPC(M-L) pointed out on November 9, 2016, the election of Trump was an end to business as usual.

More than ever, the U.S. government is a government of police powers – the arbitrary powers that operate with impunity outside the rule of law – in which the ruling circles are no longer concerned with maintaining even the appearance of a functioning political process. This was reflected in the massive security measures for the inauguration and other attempts to criminalize dissent and resistance in the form of the many arbitrary checkpoints at actions, the massive presence and live-exercise of security agencies of all varieties for the weekend, and decisions made by these forces to allow or not allow particular actions. Protesters were treated as a category of potential troublemakers, not human beings with rights.

Confronting a government of police powers that does not concern itself with the appearance of legitimacy means that the notion of organizing actions with the aim of pressuring politicians to respond has little place. Our security does not lie with relying on the politicians and the existing political process that has shown itself to be completely dysfunctional and against the interests of the people. Our Security Lies in Our Fight for the Rights of All, with actions aimed at stepping up the organized character of this fight and quality of political discussion and analysis. This means basing ourselves on our own program and aims as we continue to organize resistance and fight for rights and empowerment.

Here is a photo spread from TML Weekly from the mass resistance in the U.S., Canada and other countries.

Protests at Inauguration, Washington, DC, January 20

Women’s March, January 21

Washington, DC

Boston, Massachusetts

New York City

Chicago, Illinois

Austin, Texas

Denver, Colorado

Los Angeles, California

Portland, Oregon

Anchorage, Alaska

Vigorous actions leading up to inauguration 

Actions for rights and to oppose profiling and criminalization on Martin Luther King Day, January 16

Washington, DC, January 14

New York City, January 14

New York City, January 16

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, January 16

Lexington, Virginia, January 14

Chicago, Illinois, January 14

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, January 14

McAllen, Texas, January 14

Denver, Colorado, January 14

San José, California, January 14

Oakland, California, January 16

Actions in Defence of Right to Health Care, January 15

Portland, Maine

Boston, Massachusetts

Buffalo, New York

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Atlanta, Georgia

Portland, Oregon

Week of Action for Sanctuary Against Deportations

Portland, Oregon

Tuscon, Arizona

Actions in Canada

January 20




Women’s Marches, January 21

St. John’s and Moncton

St. John














Other countries

January 20

Mexico City

London, UK

Brussels, Belgium

Bethlehem, Palestine

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Melbourne, Australia

Women’s Marches, January 21

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Buenos Aires, Argentina

London, England

Edinburgh, Scotland

Bergen, Norway

Brussels, Belgium

Paris, France

Rome, Italy

Barcelona, Spain

Tbilisi, Georgia


Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Lusaka, Zambia

Cape Town, South Africa

Mumbai, India

Seoul, Korea

Aukland, New Zealand


(Photos: TML, Unicorn Riot, I. Khan, P. DeFranco, No Fascist USA, Labor DisruptJ20, Anarchimedia, L. Bloom, A. Doukas, ANSWER, DisruptJ20, J. Lehman, Veterans for Peace, M. Neuman, Code Pink, Man Without Pants, L. Tan, ClimateJ20, C. Rees, L. Lowenstein, A. Bodine, L’activiste, HIPV, Bridges Not Walls, Xinhua, Colombo Today, I. Woolford, S. Jackson Lee, D. Snarker, S. Moghe, A. Nathanson, E. Gallagher, R. Lopez, N. Glaros, F. Wong, J. Queally, D. Kaplan, Women’s March St. John’s, J. Cookson-Hegan, M. McMouse, S. Beril, T. Woodford, D. Hopkins, M. James, L. Altrows, K. Lonsdale, J. Sharken, F. Ptacek, A. Hermenn, A. Braten, E. De Boel, MarianaXX, E.K. Goulding, O. Kroening-Roche, J. Sewell Menon, J. Barnarde Naude, R. Warren, Women’s March Seoul, E. Smid, L. Zunas, A. Wong, National Council of La Raza, Unite Here, G. Getz, New Sanctuary Movement, B.G. Pfiefer, Advancing Justice, Voces de la Frontera, J. Brusky, La Union del Pueblo Entero, R. Ruggerio, K. Lybarger, National Nurses United, R. Lau, W. Mitchell, Pasnap, Courtney, C. Gibson, IMIJ, A.B. Willis, C. London, L. Schiller, H. Mullen, S. L’Aube, J. Rosier, A. Kergerreis, K. O’Reilly, C. Blodgett, Maan, Pan y Rosas Espana)

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