What to make of foreign minister’s attempts to deceive Canadians


Freeland’s grandfather, Michael Chomiak. Front right is Emil Gassner, press administrator for the Nazi General government ruling occupied Poland.

(March 18) – The issues which have come to light about Chrystia Freeland demand her resignation for misrepresenting facts, concealing her past and deliberately hiding the truth about it to Canadians. Why? If she did not come clean about this what else will she not come clean about as foreign minister of Canada?

She has shown she is willing to address questions of war and peace, about which Canadians are very concerned, in a deceitful and arrogant way. This is not right or acceptable. A person who has a clear conscience does not resort to such double talk and shenanigans.

Not only does she defend her high-profile Nazi grandfather, she does not repudiate the Third Reich and Nazi collaboration in the Second World War. Instead she inveigles about “Russian disinformation to destabilize Canada.” She presents the government as well as the grandfather as a victim rather than taking an advanced stand in defence of the highest ideals of humanity. The war against Fascist Germany and the Axis Powers cannot be viewed as an ordinary war nor a European war nor can collaborators be turned into “freedom fighters” and victims. The extension of this criminal logic is that Hitler and his generals were “freedom fighters.” The Third Reich turned Ukraine into a slaughterhouse of citizens of Ukrainian, Polish, Russian, Armenian and Roma nationality and of the Jewish faith.[1] People rose to defend their rights and their land against the enemy and fought until the last drop of blood for their cities and villages, displaying the courage, initiative, and skills that were inherent in their people.

For Freeland, a misrepresentation of the truth is transformed into the truth, the victimizers into the victims, simply because she says so. If you disagree, you are at least a fellow-traveller of the Russians if not a terrorist, and you literally deserve to be exterminated as is happening in Ukraine today. It makes one wonder what Freeland is really up to. If she does not come clean about Nazi and fascist collaborators, what other collaborators is she defending or will she defend as the foreign minister of our country? Nazi and fascist collaborators in Ukraine! In this sense, the central issue has nothing to do with Ukraine, Poland or Russia. This attitude, besides other things, simply states: We have the right to do whatever we wish. On this basis, Freeland could do or justify literally anything. This attitude is a serious threat to the freedom, peace and security of the peoples.

Freeland has to be held to account for trying to mislead Canadians on this matter. And look how she is wriggling, her own story changing in the media over just a few days!

It seems that the Liberals are very silent! There are two possible reasons. They are relying on the monopoly media to spread disinformation and innuendos as the first line of their defence. Or, behind the backs of Canadians, a “night of the long knives” is underway.[2] The Canadian Liberals in whose name this Foreign Minister is acting should also be called on to step forward and tell us whether this reprehensible and cowardly behaviour is what they stand for.

Freeland is the second foreign minister in the Trudeau government caught red-handed in a brazen deception of Canadians. Predecessor Stéphane Dion created the impression in January and March 2016 that a $14.8 billion arms sale to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by General Dynamics was a done deal by the previous Harper government when he had already signed the papers himself. “He said it would not be right for Canada to go back on its signature due to harmful consequences,” TML pointed out. “He repeated that Canada’s aim was to bring stability to the region and advanced various other pragmatic excuses to justify aggression and war. He covered up the use of Canadian weaponry in Saudi Arabia’s 2011 military intervention in Bahrain to quell protests.” The Liberal Party, during the 2015 federal election, promised to end Canada’s “combat mission” in Iraq and gave the impression that they also opposed the extremism of the Harper government and stood for peace. Rather than end Canada’s combat mission in Iraq, the Liberals announced increases in the number of Canadian special forces sent to participate in the U.S.-led war. These forces are fighting with Peshmerga militia to carve up Iraq and carve out an independent Kurdistan. Canadian military deployment in the Middle East is unprecedented in history. Enough is enough. The circle of deception is closed.

Further, it merits attention that the Canadian Foreign Minister and the media have kept mum about her own financial ties and past services to the big Ukrainian oligarchs such as Viktor Pinchuk, the second richest oligarch in Ukraine, with whom she collaborated at his annual Yalta Economic Forum. It was the oligarchs and their U.S. patrons who were the financiers and organizers of the coup d’état of an elected government on February 23, 2014 and who are the financiers and organizers of the private punitive militias – some 50 in number – now integrated into the hastily formed National Guard being trained by the U.S. and Canada.[3]

The denouement of the Foreign Minister comes in the context of the Trudeau government extending Canadian military intervention in Ukraine for two more years. It is noteworthy that during all the hullabaloo in Ottawa and elsewhere about “Russian disinformation,” not a single individual spoke against the right of Canada to interfere in the affairs of other countries or warned about the role of the United States, the commander of this interventionist force. Canada must withdraw its military forces and get out of the U.S.-Ukraine Military Commission which, after it was formed in 2014, invited Canada and Britain to join its ranks. This U.S. agency operates outside of NATO and outside of the United Nations.[4]

No matter what the pretext, this is unacceptable. By no stretch of the imagination can Ukraine be considered an independent or a democratic country as the ministry of Global Affairs and the Trudeau government claim. Nor can Canada’s military mission in Ukraine be considered a peaceful, non-combat or a bilateral one. This is simply not true. It is the United States which calls the shots. Canadian military intervention in Ukraine and Eastern Europe is extremely threatening to the struggle of the people for their freedom and independence, and to peace and security on the world scale. It cannot be taken lightly. Canada should break off all diplomatic, economic and trade relations with Ukraine.

There is no place in modern governance for fascists and unrepentant fascist apologists, double dealers and swindlers. Canadians are justly condemning Freeland’s shameless behaviour and arrogance. Go all out to demand the Foreign Minister’s resignation, now!


1.TheEncyclopedia of Ukraine, in the entry “Nazi war crimes in Ukraine,” states: “According to recent Soviet figures a total of more than 5,265,000 civilians and prisoners of war were killed during the occupation of Ukraine. The figure presumably includes the 900,000 Ukrainian Jews whom Western scholars estimate to have been murdered. The Germans destroyed 714 towns and urban areas and 28,000 villages and farmsteads, and left approximately 10,000,000 people homeless. Total material losses have been estimated at a value of some 1.2 trillion prewar rubles.”

2.An allusion to the split engineered in the cabinet of Canadian Prime Minister John Diefenbaker by the Kennedy administration and U.S. intelligence in 1962-63 over his refusal to place U.S. nuclear weapons in Canada in a coup d’état to install the Lester Pearson Liberals. Prominent journalists such as Charles Lynch of Southam News were incorporated into the operation. See Richard Sanders, “1962-1963, ‘Knocking Over’ “Dief the Chief”: How the U.S. Ambassador Helped Engineer ‘Regime Change’ in Canada,”Global Research, March 31, 2003

3.Seventeen of these units maintain a separate “Joint Staff” claiming they are an “alternative to the Chiefs of Staff of the regular armed forces.” The “Joint Staff” did not set up headquarters in Kiev but in Dnipropetrovsk, which also is the residence of the billionaire oligarch, Ihor Kolomoyskyi, then acting as governor and who has been financing various volunteer battalions since the putsch in February 2014.

4.The Globe and Mail reported on December 8, 2014 that “Canada is operating independently of NATO to provide additional military assistance that will help Ukraine defend itself from Russia.” Steve Chase, “Canada to offer Ukraine military aid outside of NATO,” Globe and Mail, December 8, 2014.

This article was originally published in TML Weekly, March 18, 2017 – No.9


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