May Day Salute to the Workers of All Lands!

All Out for May Day 2017!


Unite to defend the rights of all and build the new!

Led by the working class struggle for emancipation and nation-building on a new historical basis, the working and oppressed people all over the world are in action to defend their rights and open a path to society’s progress. The Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) sends revolutionary greetings to the workers of all lands on this May Day 2017.

May First 2017 is especially auspicious because it falls in the year of the centenary of the Great October Socialist Revolution in Russia and the beginning of the first sustained nation-building project of the modern working class. The historic victory in depriving the imperialist bourgeoisie of Russia of its power to wage war and deprive the Russian working class and peasantry of their rights for land, peace and bread, and their own nation-building project still inspires the working people because they know It can be done!

May Day finds the working class in North America engaged in struggles throughout the continent to defend its rights and organize to build the new. The working class of Mexico, Canada and the United States has an important role to play in defeating the U.S.-led Fortress North America and opening a path forward to the elimination of U.S. imperialist global aggression, occupation and exploitation.

U.S. imperialism has emerged as the most dangerous aggressor, with military bases throughout the world waging war against the peoples, depriving them of their sovereign right to be, and threatening nuclear annihilation of those who resist. The working class of North America is charged with a special responsibility to deprive the U.S. imperialists and their flunkeys in Mexico and Canada of their power to wage war. The working class is determined to make Mexico, Canada and the U.S. zones of peace and beacons of hope and progress for the world instead of war criminal states spreading global death, destruction and backwardness.

In Canada, the working class is striving to defend its rights and working and living conditions. It upholds its aim of emancipation through strengthening its independent politics and the building of its own political headquarters, media and all manner of institutions. The determination of the working class to defend its rights at work and throughout society is matched with its aim and resolve to bring the new into being as a necessary step towards emancipation.

Striking workers from CEZinc in Quebec are joined by Hamilton Local 1005 steelworkers and Toronto steelworkers to say “No” to the attacks on their pensions at a picket outside the
Noranda Income Fund’s annual general meeting in Toronto, April 28, 2017.

CPC(M-L) hails all those sections of the Canadian and Quebec working class engaged in combat including workers in forestry, mining, other industrial and manufacturing sectors, the service industry and public sector, and steelworkers at Stelco, Algoma Steel and CEZinc who have launched the militant slogan: No Means No!

For the working class to affirm its rights and agree to equilibrium in relations of production, which must include the right to determine its wages, benefits, pensions and working conditions, it must have the power to say No!

No! to the ruling oligarchs who are throwing in the mud the just expectations of the working class for security while working and in retirement.

No! to the use of dictate, arbitrariness and police powers to defraud the workers of the pensions and benefits that belong to them by right.

No! to the denial of the right to employment and the continued existence of the anti-worker labour market, which should already be consigned to the museum of hated antiquities alongside the slave market.

No! to the anti-social offensive and its destruction of social programs, privatizations and constant downward pressure on Canadian standard wages and living conditions.

No! to death and injuries at work and workers left to fend for themselves.

No! to paying the rich!

No! to predatory and imperialist war!

No! to rulers who refuse to be held to account by the ruled and instead hide behind the fraud of disinformation, cartel party politics and a discredited political and electoral system that needs democratic renewal.

The determination of working people to defend and affirm the rights of all and build the new is unyielding. Their No Means No!

The working class and its political headquarters and institutions declare that they will not bow down to the negation of their rights. They are determined to forge a new direction for the economy and politics that serves working people and society, guarantees the rights of all and opens a path towards emancipation. The working class and its allies will find a way forward to a new form of governing through laws where people are guaranteed the rights they hold by virtue of being human and can elect their peers so that the rulers and the ruled become one and each can hold the other to account for their actions.

The current ruling imperialist elite have proven themselves unfit to rule. Their wars of aggression, constant attacks on the rights of all and refusal to solve the problems of the economy and political system reveal to one and all their incapacity to govern. The self-serving narrow aim of the oligarchs to serve their private interests and empire building is unsustainable. The socialized economy requires forms of cooperation with a broad aim to serve the well-being of the people and general interests of society. The working people need empowerment and democratic renewal to sort out problems in politics, the economy, and their relations at work and generally in society.

In a similar spirit to the heroic Russian workers and peasants who one hundred years ago smashed through the barriers of imperialist war and repression to build the new, the Mexican, Canadian and American working class will not rest until it brings into being nation building projects of their own making suitable for the twenty-first century.

On this May First 2017, the working class declares with utmost conviction that its rights are inviolable and the time is overdue to organize to deprive the ruling imperialist elite of their power to deprive the people of their right to decide and control all those affairs that affect their lives.

All out for empowerment, democratic renewal and an anti-war government!

Long live May Day, a day the international working class affirms boldly and publicly its determination and central decisive role to defend the rights of all and build the new!


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