Make Canada a factor for peace, not war and aggression!

Windsor Peace Coalition

July 1 is the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the Canadian confederation through Royal Proclamation. On this occasion we encourage everyone to together affirm that we want Canada to be a force for peace in the present and future, not an instrument of colonial domination, war and empire as has been the case for the last 150 years.

Since 1867 successive governments, whether Liberal or Conservative, have negated the hereditary and other rights of Indigenous peoples, placed Canada’s territory, resources and youth in the service of expeditionary wars, enforced colonial arrangements and participated in the attempts to suppress Soviet Russia in 1918, and in the suppression of the anti-colonial movements of the peoples of India, Africa and other countries fighting for independence and liberation.

First Canada participated in the service of the British imperialists and their quest to maintain their empire. In World War II Canadians joined the world’s peoples to fight fascism, occupation and militarism. Following this however Canada joined the U.S. in launching the Cold War and, under the guise of fighting communism, Canada became a willing instrument of the U.S. imperialists through the aggressive military and political alliances NATO and NORAD. This led to the suppression of the right to conscience at home and the deployment of Canada’s military to serve U.S. aims abroad, beginning in Korea and most recently in Iraq and Syria as well as Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

Today Canada has become so intertwined with the U.S. project for global domination that our military, natural resources and territory are designated as part and parcel of the U.S. “Homeland,” which it controls and patrols through NORAD and other North American police and military arrangements. Today the U.S. is able to overtly wield its powers inside Canada against Canadians and anyone else it views as a potential threat to its striving for world domination.

Today the Prime Minister “celebrates” Canadian snipers in Iraq as they assassinate people from kilometres away under U.S. command. The Minister of Defence brags about being the “architect” of an operation led by the U.S. in Afghanistan which killed thousands. The Foreign Minister “represents” Canada abroad by openly interfering in the affairs of other countries, all the while being “proud” of her Nazi collaborator grandfather.

These people do not reflect the personality of a modern Canada but a continuation of Canada as a willing instrument of war and empire.

In Canada we have the Indigenous nations who represent the best traditions of the anti-colonial and independence struggles of the 19th and 20th centuries. They are joined by peace-loving people from all over the world. All of us want a modern Canada which upholds the best of the past and contributes to the development of all peoples, not a Canada that upholds global domination as a lofty goal.

Today, we want peaceful and fraternal relations with all nations and peoples both inside and outside of Canada’s borders. On the occasion of Canada 150, the Windsor Peace Coalition encourages everyone to consider Canada’s present and future and take a bold stand together to discard all those arrangements which put Canada in the position of facilitating and participating in war and aggression.


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