Venezuela’s response to US interference

1. Government rejects CIA Chief’s interventionist admission

The following statement was issued by the Government of Venezuela on July 25, 2017.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela categorically rejects the declarations of the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States, Michael Pompeo, and denounces before the international community the systematic attacks against Venezuela from the USA, including:

  1. The intelligence operations campaign being carried out at the highest level which seeks to overthrow the constitutional government of President Nicolás Maduro, as well as its collusion with the governments of Colombia and Mexico in order to force through a political transition in Venezuela, all of which corresponds to the actions that the governments of those countries have been leading at a regional level.
  2. The financing and logistical support given by the United States to the Venezuelan opposition as a key part of the efforts of destabilisation of democracy in Venezuela, and its support of political violence.
  3. The passing and renewal of the Executive Order, which names Venezuela as an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security of the USA and its foreign policy.
  4. The imposition of unilateral and illegal coercive measures against high-ranking officials of the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, including the Executive Vice-President, other ministers and magistrates of the Supreme Justice Tribunal (TSJ, in Spanish), with the aim of submitting the Venezuelan State to the designs of the U.S. empire.
  5. More than 105 hostile and interventionist activities have been carried out by the current U.S. administration, leading as well the intervention efforts emanating from the Organisation of American States (OAS), in full breach of international law, and threatening to adopt “severe and rapid economic actions” against all of the Venezuelan population. These collective sanctions are of the most obvious imperialist nature, and in serious contravention of international law.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela demands the immediate apology it is due from the U.S. administration, and warns the international community of the very real threat that hangs over our country, considering the terrible history of this intelligence agency in the harming of the sovereignty of independent countries, and in submitting entire peoples to suffering, and to the territorial disintegration of those countries not aligned with its imperial interests.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela informs that it will condemn, through the corresponding diplomatic channels, the governments of the USA, Colombia and Mexico before the organisations of CELAC, UNASUR, the Association of Caribbean States and the Non-Aligned Movement, as is our right as a free and independent country. This Sunday 30 July, the Venezuelan people will go to the polls in a peaceful manner in order to express their sovereign will through a direct, secret and universal vote, in exercise of their full democratic rights and direct sovereignty, for the election of the National Constituent Assembly.

2. Reply by Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Ministry of People’s Power for Foreign Relations to July 17 White House statement

“[President] Maduro, convoked us and here I am – the National Constituent Assembly is the road to peace!”

At a press conference on July 17, the Minister of Popular Power for Foreign Affairs Samuel Moncada read the following statement from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, categorically rejecting the U.S. government’s statements against Venezuela’s democracy.

* * *

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela rejects the unbelievable statement published today by the White House on 07/17/2017.

It is a document of a sort that has never been seen before, which, due to its poor level and awful quality, makes it difficult to intellectually understand the intentions of the assailant country. Without a doubt, the government of the United States is used to humiliating other nations in its international relations and believes that it will receive as a response the subordination to which they are accustomed. The trench that the government of the United States is digging in its relations with Venezuela makes it difficult to rationally predict its actions for the entire international community.

The government of the United States, unashamedly, shows its absolute bias towards the violent and extremist sectors of Venezuelan politics, which favor the use of terrorism to overthrow a popular and democratic government.

The moral ruin of the Venezuelan opposition has dragged President Trump to commit an open aggression against a Latin American country. We know not who could have written, let alone authorized, a statement with such a conceptual and moral poverty.

The thin democratic veil of the Venezuelan opposition has fallen, and it reveals the brutal interventionist force of the U.S. government, which has been behind the violence suffered by the Venezuelan people in the last four months.

It is not the first time that we denounce and confront threats as ludicrous as those contained in this unbelievable document.

We call on the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as on the free peoples of the world, to understand the magnitude of the brutal threat contained in this imperial statement and to defend the sovereignty, self-determination, and independence, fundamental principles of international law.

The original constituent power is contemplated in our Constitution and it only concerns the Venezuelan people. The National Constituent Assembly will be elected by the direct, universal, and secret ballot of all Venezuelans, under the authority of the National Electoral Council, as contemplated in our legal framework. It is an act of political sovereignty of the Republic, nothing and no one can stop it. The Constituent Assembly will go on!

Today, Venezuelan people are free and will respond united against the insolent threat posed by a xenophobic and racist empire. The anti-imperialist thought of the Liberator is more valid than ever.

“The United States seems destined by Providence to plague America with misery in the name of liberty.”


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