Selling the Canada-Ukraine-Saudi arms deal


Demonstration against 2016 CANSEC arms show in Ottawa

(Aug. 2) – On August 1, the state broadcaster invited the Ukrainian ambassador  to Canada, Andriy Shevchenko, to grace its Power & Politics program and celebrate the coming into force of a free trade agreement between the two countries. Five minutes of bashing Russia as the justification for military intervention – Canadian Forces training of Ukrainian troops, now at some 4,200 – followed. Finally, CBC host Terry Milewski asked this diplomat* to explain how the free trade agreement will “affect the lives of our viewers.” 

Well, “there is fish and seafood,” the ambassador exclaimed; “few people realize that Ukraine is the 4th largest purchaser of seafood!” Replied Mr Milewski, as he laughed sympathetically, “well, we like you already!” – without asking why a littoral state of the Black Sea is importing seafood from halfway around the world.

But it seems that the main viewer of CBC is Pratt & Whitney, that subsidiary of the giant U.S. arms monopoly, United Technologies. The ambassador rapturously extolled the benefits to the “aerospace industry in Canada,” declaring proudly that “We are building this wonderful Antonov aircraft, huge plane, and Pratt & Whitney is suppling the engine.” He did not say who is actually building the aircraft, not for who, nor did Mr Milewski ask.

It would be the AN-132 military cargo plane that Taqnia Aeronautics Company – a subsidiary of the Saudi Company for Development and Investment (Taqnia), which is owned totally by a public investment fund of the ruling al Saud clan – is building in the desert, using Soviet designs supplied by SE Antonov of Kiev and modernized. The initial order by Saudi Arabia is for 60 planes.

The free trade agreement means that all import tariffs of Pratt & Whitney and other arms merchants based in Canada are to be wiped clean.

The Pratt & Whitney agreement does not provide for the supply of weapons to Ukraine, nor do they assist in the so-called defence of the coup government. They provide for the export of modernized designs of Soviet-era Antonov military cargo planes by Ukraine for production in Saudi Arabia, a U.S. client feudal dictatorship that is waging a brutal war of aggression against Yemen, supplying U.S. proxy forces in Syria and Iraq, and repressing its own citizens.

An-132 D transport aircraft assembled completely with Western parts and components replacing Russian parts and components | (Click to enlarge)

All this information and more has been publicly known for almost three months since May 20 (see link below).

Forget about the assumptions and premises of such a crazy interview, on what basis would CBC promote these assertions as fact and “benefits”?

The belligerent intervention of the Trudeau Liberals in the affairs of Russia and the Ukraine and the Middle East in concert with the US and other NATO bloc countries puts our country at risk of instigating a major war in both regions.


*Prior to the appointment to Canada, Andriy Shevchenko served as the Chief of party of the USAID-financed RADA Program. In the 1990s, Shevchenko worked as a Kyiv-based correspondent for the Edmonton-based newspaper The Ukrainian News. That is the Banderite mouth organ which until 1982 was edited by Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland’s Nazi grandfather, Michael Chomiak. In the late 1980s, at about age 20, Freeland also worked for The Ukrainian News. ( See the interesting exposé by Richard Sanders, “Part 12: Was Freeland an ‘Accidental Journalist,’ or Groomed for the Job?”<>)

First posted on Facebook, August 2, 2017

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