Trudeau government positions Canada to suit ambitions in Asia of new US government

From November 8-14, Prime Minister Trudeau travelled to Asia to participate in the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leaders’ Summit in Vietnam, and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit and East Asia Summit in the Philippines. While in Vietnam, he had an official visit with its President, high-level government officials and the Vietnamese Communist Party.

In Asia, Trudeau sought to position Canada economically and militarily at a time U.S. President Trump has withdrawn from signing the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). The TPP excludes Asia’s biggest country by population and trade and Canada’s second largest trading partner, China.

Under the Obama presidency, U.S. imperialism engaged in a “pivot to Asia,” which saw the U.S. shift troops and war assets to the continent and step up its war exercises. Obama also extended drone bombing throughout the world, especially into Africa. The U.S. war exercises have now increased under Trump, in particular around the Korean Peninsula. Contention between the U.S. and China continues in the South China Sea to the detriment of all peoples. While China has occupied and built its own infrastructure on disputed islands which are claimed as their own national territory by others, Trump has continued Obama’s provocations in the South China Sea, sending U.S. naval flotillas near disputed territory in what U.S. imperialism calls “freedom of the seas” war exercises. Trump has also intensified drone bombing and the use of Special Forces around the world, especially in Africa and has increased troop levels in the never-ending war in Afghanistan.

The U.S. withdrawal from the TPP is consistent with U.S. threats to abandon NAFTA and to secure direct trade deals instead. It appears the various agreements and rules within international deals no longer suit the most powerful U.S. global monopolies. Those global private empires now seek direct control of their affairs everywhere without any multilateral state agreements to infringe on their right to build their empires. The U.S. military with its military vassals in NATO and NORAD, along with the growing numbers of private armies are the spear to keep the world’s peoples in check and to smash any resistance to empire-building.

During his time in Asia during the second week of November, Trudeau sought a “seat at the table” for Canada in the East Asia Summit, which is a forum for discussions on security made up of the big powers of Asia and the United States. In particular, certain media suggest, Canada sought to be part of discussions amongst the big powers over the situation in Korea and Myanmar. Canada was given observer status in the Summit, a body the U.S. joined in 2011 under Obama. During these times of heightened war tensions, especially Trump’s threats to destroy the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and the re-emergence of Myanmar as a target, the continuing wars in West Asia and Africa, and the opening of new fronts of U.S. interference in the Americas and Caribbean, the U.S. may be pushing Canada to become a more active military vassal for war.

Canada is actively supporting and encouraging U.S. preparations for a war to destroy the DPRK, as U.S. imperialism strives to dominate all of Asia. An important aspect of this is the demonizing of the DPRK and its leadership. In Japan, the U.S. anti-Korea war propaganda is used to smash the development of any movement to rid the country of U.S. military occupation and strengthen the U.S/Japan military alliance against China and Korea.

The war propaganda in Canada seeks to establish in the minds of Canadians that the DPRK is a threat to Canada and that more should be done to annex the Canadian military and country to the U.S. war chariot, including stationing U.S. missiles and troops in Canada. The war propaganda is connected with arms sales, as U.S. merchants of death such as Boeing and Raytheon use their own enormous resources and their representatives in governments to agitate for war, as war and war preparations are the most lucrative business.

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