Sighting. 2017 Photo Review – April

For a Modern Canada that Defends the Rights of All – All Out to Build the New!

TML Daily, the online newspaper of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada, is posting its acclaimed, annual, month-by-month photo review of the stands taken by the working people of Canada and Quebec and Indigenous peoples in 2017. The review includes hundreds of photos. Characterizing the month of April, 2017, it points out:

Postal workers continued their struggle to defend the public post office and their right to proper working conditions with actions in April. Canada Post has refused to deal with the serious issues raised by workers in the 2011 lockout and strike under the Harper Conservatives, while the Trudeau Liberals’ Mandate Review of Canada Post will no doubt continue the push for privatization and assault on workers’ rights.

April events highlighted the danger of the Trump presidency and the need for an anti-war government in Canada. Following U.S. missile strikes on Syria on April 6,
Canadians from all walks of life immediately demonstrated to oppose the attack and Canada’s support for U.S. aims of regime change and war. A week later, the U.S. imperialists dropped a massive bomb on Afghanistan and the people immediately rejected this criminal act, along with the continuing NATO/U.S. occupation of Afghanistan.

The U.S. use of force in Syria and Afghanistan coincided with stepped-up U.S. aggression against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. This underscored the importance of the Toronto weekly pickets for peace on the Korean Peninsula to keep people informed so that they do not fall prey to U.S. disinformation and propaganda for war, or justifications for Canadian involvement in another war in Korea.

At the Alberta Labour Federation Convention at the end of the month, workers took part in a rally at the provincial legislature to demand the Notley government reform labour law, including protecting workers’ right to association in their defence organizations.

April 6

Postal workers demonstrate at Laval West depot to express their outrage at Canada Post’s planned unilateral anti-worker restructuring of delivery operations in its urban units.

Postal workers in Pointe-aux-Trembles hold solidarity action. (Photos: STTP-Montreal)

April 7-8

Anti-war pickets oppose criminal U.S. air strikes launched against Syria.










Courtenay (TML, D. Gazmik, N. Pagliccia)

April 12

Weekly picket in Toronto demands “Hands Off the DPRK! U.S. Troops Out of Korea!” in the face of aggressive action by U.S. in sending carrier strike group to the area.

April 16

Emergency anti-war protest in Toronto, and others around the world, denounce the U.S. dropping of its massive ordnance air bomb (MOAB) in Nangarhar province, Afghanistan.

April 17

Monthly pickets demand an end to the criminal U.S. blockade of Cuba.Ottawa


(Photos: No Bloqueo, Ottawa Cuba Connection)

April 19

Weekly pickets in Toronto continue to demand an end to war preparations against Korea.

April 22

Earth Day is marked by marches for science in 18 cities across Canada in which thousands participate. Marches oppose discrediting science and scientific research and emphasize its role in providing insight into the world. With these marches scientists took the lead to affirm their right to conscience and their duty to protect the natural and social environment.

St. John’s















Victoria  (J. Combden, March for Science, Science First, T. Goddard, M. Hudema, I. King, D. Leung, V. Brown, C. Malgavin, S. Watson, B. Stirling, B. Bowen, O. McBride, J. Peters)  

April 28

Workers across Canada and Quebec mark the National Day of Mourning for workers killed, injured or made ill at work.

Quebec City






(Photos: TML, FTQ, Timmins and District Labour Council, ATU)

Striking workers from CEZinc in Quebec are joined by Hamilton Local 1005 steelworkers and Toronto steelworkers to say “No” to the attacks on their pensions at a picket outside the Noranda Income Fund’s annual general meeting in Toronto.

April 30

Hundreds of construction workers along with delegates from Alberta Federation of Labour Convention rally at the Alberta Legislature to demand that the government guarantee in law the right of workers to organize their collectives and join the union of their choice.

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