Trump’s threats to use nuclear weapons

Before Donald Trump became President of the United States, he campaigned against war, yet the first anniversary of his inauguration is marked by the open and repeated threat to use nuclear weapons against Korea, an open-ended military presence in Syria, where the U.S. now has about 2,000 troops, and continued war against Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen. The drone warfare broadly increased by President Obama has been further intensified by President Trump, involving far more bombings in dozens of countries.

The wars being waged are not for political purposes, but rather for destruction of human productive powers. And because they are wars of destruction, the politics of negotiating peace treaties are absent. For the U.S., whatever cannot be controlled is to be destroyed. Indeed, nuclear weapons are solely for that purpose.

It is said that President Trump’s threats to use nuclear weapons are different than those of past presidents. In fact this threat and use of nuclear blackmail have been used by U.S. presidents since nuclear weapons were developed. Truman not only used nuclear weapons against Japan but as a means to terrorize the world. When he was asked at a press conference in November 1950, during the U.S. war against Korea, if nuclear weapons would be used, he said all weapons were on the table. This is the phrase repeated by presidents ever since, including George W. Bush, Obama and now Trump.

The Pentagon has repeatedly developed plans to use nuclear weapons, against Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, etc. The main difference now is that Trump is open about these plans. Coupled with this is the fact that in the war games against Korea, it is made public that attacks using nuclear weapons are practised, which means the U.S. can no longer deny these plans.

In the current situation, the U.S. is striving to make Korea the aggressor. While it is the U.S. that has a massive nuclear arsenal, plans to use it and a history of aggression, it is said the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) is the problem. The monopoly media consistently leave out their stand and long practice, which is that they do not engage in aggression and will not use nuclear weapons unless attacked. Faced with this, Trump has repeatedly tried to provoke the DPRK into taking action first, so as to justify U.S. aggression. It is a dangerous game of brinkmanship, one widely opposed by Koreans and the peoples of the world.

On the first anniversary of the Trump administration, stepping up opposition to the growing danger of war is one of the main concerns of many. It is the peoples of the U.S. and the world, that are decisive in blocking war and securing the peace. A recent conference to strengthen united efforts, here and abroad, to close all U.S. foreign bases and bring troops home is indicative of the reality that the people of the U.S. stand as one with the peoples of the world against U.S. aggression and wars. The call for a new direction for the country, for an anti-war government and peace economy, is being heard. On the occasion of this one-year anniversary of the Trump administration, many actions are taking place across the country to raise the just demands of the people against war and for rights, abroad and at home.

Voice of Revolution, a publication of the U.S. Marxist-Leninist Organization, January 19, 2018

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