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Iron Ore Company workers on strike in Labrador, demanding end to two-tier conditions

Around 3:00 am on March 27, the close to 1,400 workers of Iron Ore Company of Canada (IOC) in Labrador City went on strike. They walked out mainly to oppose IOC employing a “temporary workforce” side-by-side with permanent workers doing the same work under drastically inferior working conditions. The workers do not accept that a mining giant such as IOC should force a section of workers to labour under substandard conditions. The strike vote took place Monday, March 26 in two membership meetings of United Steelworkers Local 5795, one in the morning and one in the evening, in which workers voted on the latest company offer. Continue reading

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CUBA 2018 & Beyond: New Challenges, Revolutionary Continuity

Thursday, March 29, 7pm
Room 1108, Mona Campbell Building

Dalhousie University, 1459 LeMarchant Street, Halifax, NS
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Find out about Korea and join the work for peace

Public Meetings Continue reading

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Facebook, spy agencies and freedom of speech in Canada


There has been much noise these days regarding what is termed the “Russian threat” to elections in the US, Canada, and other countries.  To what extent this threat is real or, on the other hand, is being over-hyped for geo-political purposes remains a matter of debate for some, especially in the alternative media.

However, one thing is clear.  This “Russian threat” is being used to justify troubling measures that go against freedom of speech and other rights.  In response to this Russian threat, the federal government appears to be bypassing Elections Canada, the federal independent body responsible, at least in the past, for overseeing elections in the country. Continue reading

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Palestinian Museum’s digital archive project to preserve heritage

A three-year project by the Palestinian Museum will enable Palestinians to find and archive key historical documents | Ahmad Melhem, Al-Monitor

The Palestinian Museum’s digital archive will include photographic treasures Palestinians kept in their own homes to document them for future generations.

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Nonsense about tariffs and trade and real wars: Is this any way to manage an economy?

Working people could do better than these constant crises and integration into the U.S. war economy | K.C. ADAMS

The Canadian steel and aluminum industries are in turmoil. They seem to be forever in chaos. Algoma Steel is almost always in Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA) bankruptcy protection. The Aluminerie de Bécancour Inc. (ABI) smelter in Quebec has locked out over one thousand workers for months, demanding concessions from both workers and Hydro-Quebec, and to reduce supply to force higher prices for aluminum on the international market. Stelco steel plants in Hamilton and Nanticoke have only recently emerged from CCAA bankruptcy protection for the second time since 2006. Continue reading

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The Cuban people cast a vote for the future

Preliminary data indicates that 7,399,891 Cuban men and women came out to vote on March 11, a figure that represents 82.90 per cent of the electorate, which includes 8,926,575 individuals, according to updated registries. Continue reading

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