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Palestinian journalists condemn Israeli bill criminalizing photography of soldiers


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Warship Watch: US Navy reactivates Second Fleet to control the North Atlantic

Protest against warships in Halifax harbour and expansion of the Canadian navy, CFB Stadacona, May 29, 2012.

The U.S. Navy is reestablishing its Second Fleet to control the North Atlantic, navy sources report.[1] It will be operational by July 1 and headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia. Continue reading

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For your information: British royal wedding II

Front page of The Sun newspaper on January 13, 2005 shows a photograph of Britain’s Prince Harry wearing a red and black swastika armband and an army shirt with Nazi regalia at a friend’s fancy dress party, which he attended on January 8, 2005 – two weeks before Queen Elizabeth was due to lead Britain’s holocaust memorial events. He later apologized.

Once again, the media has been carrying wall-to-wall coverage fawning over yet another royal wedding held on May 19 of the Victoria Day weekend formerly celebrated by imperial decree of 1904 throughout the British Empire as Imperial Day to honour Queen Victoria’s birthday. Every hook is being used to catch one’s attention: a “Canadian connection”; a multimillionaire “American princess”; the war pilot and Invictus Games of “wounded warriors”; a dysfunctional family; “expectations” of the new African-American member of “the family”; the royal bling, etc.  Continue reading

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Open letter to Derek Stoffel, CBC Middle East Bureau chief

From: Peter Larson <>
Sent: May 26, 2018 9:36 AM
To: ‘‘ <>
Cc: ‘‘ <>; ‘‘ <>
Subject: Open letter to Mr. Derek Stoffel, CBC Correspondent in Jerusalem, about his coverage of the Palestinian protests in Gaza Continue reading

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Zionists codify discrimination and ethnic cleansing with ‘Jewish nation-state bill’

On May 3, Israel tabled a draft law that defines Israel “as the Jewish and democratic nation state of the Jewish people to self-determination in their historic homeland.”

Sixty-four members of the Knesset voted in favour of tabling the bill, while 50 voted against. One of the bill’s sponsors, MK Avi Dichter was quoted as saying during discussion of the bill: “Anyone who does not belong to the Jewish nation cannot define the State of Israel as his nation-state.” Continue reading

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The future of the Nakba

Palestinian resistance to the present and future Nakba persists despite all Israel’s efforts to crush it. An important and informative analysis by JOSEPH MASSAD*

Mohammed Zaanoun ActiveStills

(May 13) – The Zionist conquest of Palestine, which began haphazardly in the early 1880s and was intensified after the turn of the century, reaching its apogee with the British invasion and occupation of the country before the conclusion of World War I, was the inaugural moment of what would become known as the Nakba – the Catastrophe. Continue reading

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Infographic. Living conditions in Gaza

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