Sighting. Worldwide protests against Israeli crimes and US inauguration of illegal embassy

TML Weekly published an extensive photo review of actions throughout Canada and around the world against Israeli crimes and the US inauguration of an illegal embassy in Jerusalem. The feature, the second in two weeks, helps break the disinformation by the media on the massive protests by the Palestinian people, the savage response by the Israeli armed forces and on the important questions of war and peace in the world.

In its introduction, the online Canadian periodical “condemns the violence and killings perpetrated by the Zionist state of Israel against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and the culture of impunity permitted by the U.S. imperialists and their allies including Canada. The Israeli Army’s criminal attacks on the Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip on the occasion of Al Nakba Day and in protest of the decision to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem have killed more than 60 defenceless people and injured more than 2,400. U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to relocate the country’s embassy to Jerusalem also violates the very premises of the resolution which permitted Israel to become a member of the United Nations in the first place.

“A comprehensive, just, and lasting solution to the denial of the right of the Palestinian people to their homeland is the responsibility of the international community which permits Israel to carry on being a UN member despite its criminal acts. The Palestinian people’s right of return and to a sovereign state according to pre-1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital, are not negotiable.”

May 14, 2018 near Gaza border with Israel


Halifax, Nova Scotia

Montreal, Quebec
May 13, 2018

May 14, 2018

Toronto, Ontario
May 12, 2018

May 18, 2018

Windsor, Ontario, May 15, 2018

Edmonton, Alberta, May 15, 2018

Vancouver, BC, May 15, 2018

Courtenay, BC, May 15, 2018


May 15, 2018

May 17, 2018


Sanaa, May 15, 2018



Jakarta, May 11,2018

South Africa

Capetown, May 15, 2018

United States

New York City, May 17, 2018

Washington, DC, May 14, 2018

Milwaukee, May 14, 2018

New Haven, May 14, 2018


London, May 15, 2018

Sheffield, May 15, 2018

Cambridge, May 15, 2018


Derry, May 14, 2018

Derry, May 15, 2018

Limerick, May 15, 2018


Cannes, Film Festival, May 15, 2018

Lyon, May 14, 2018


Oslo, May 16, 2018


Rome, May 14, 2018

(Photos: TML, Great Return March, Z. Woodford, Niks, Shehab News, Al Nakba 70, Rida, S. Wilkinson, Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Derry IPSC, Gaza Action Ireland, A-K Alkahlout)

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