A despicable attack on the truth: Cyber attack on Cubainformación TV website

News of the almost total destruction of the Spain-based Cubainformación TV website on August 17 was immediately condemned by its regular users, the Union of Cuban Journalists (UPEC), the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), and other progressive forces defending the truth.

Some 300 emails expressing outrage at this dirty imperialist strategy, which attempts to silence this media outlet, were sent to cubainformacion@cubainformacion.tv in the two weeks after the incident, as well as appearing on Twitter and other social networks.

The site’s main coordinator, José Manzaneda, told Granma International that Cubainformación TV was founded on May 1, 2007, with the aim of exposing the media manipulation surrounding Cuba, and divulging the reality of the Caribbean island, censored by transnational media corporations.

“For these reasons, we suffered attempted attacks every month, but the last one destroyed the contents published on the site between February and August of 2018, including backup files.

“We have been able to recover a copy of more than six months and we are rebuilding the site, which will take time and effort,” the interviewee explained.

He also noted that several hundred video, audio and text materials have already been reinstated on the site, in sections on media manipulation, false news, double standards, roundtable discussions, interviews and radio programs.

In a statement, UPEC recognized that for more than ten years Cubainformación TV has insisted on being, as its slogan says, “a breach in the media blockade” of Cuba. Its contents are innovative and go beyond informative clichés, depicting the island’s realities that are silenced in the mass media, and turning the misrepresentation, decontextualization, and media lies against Cuba on their head.

“Cubainformación TV is the collective heritage of the entire solidarity with Cuba movement in Spain, representing a real qualitative leap in the fight against the anti-Cuban media blockade. It is under attack because it is a strategic publication, offering a truth denied to the Latin American peoples, particularly the Cuban people,” UPEC First Vice President Rosa Miriam Elizalde told Cubaperiodistas.

Meanwhile, ICAP also issued a statement of condemnation and recognized the important solidarity of this online publication. “We are sure that all our friends, not only of the Solidarity with Cuba Movement, but all those people who follow them day after day, will offer their support, convinced that the truth will always come out, despite the misinformation and lies that our enemies attempt to fabricate against the Cuban Revolution,” the message read.

The statement also expressed confidence that those working on the site will restore the contents destroyed in this cowardly act in the shortest time possible, in order to resume the work of spreading the truth about Cuba, with the courage that they have demonstrated over these years. As a result of the incident, ICAP launched an online campaign with the hastag: #yotambiensoycubainformacion (I’m also Cubainformación TV) for users to express their support and condemnation of the virtual attack.

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