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War: A community issue


War affects everyone. While some are adversely affected more than others, there is no one that escapes the war machine’s reach. One example in the United States is war funding. The defence budget is mind-boggling. The U.S.’s 2019 Pentagon budget supports 883 overseas bases and is lethal to humanity. Continue reading

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Postal workers’ fight: the key issues


Prince George, BC, September 28, 2018

On Monday morning, October 22, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW), which represents 50,000 postal workers, began rotating strikes in four cities of Victoria, Edmonton, Windsor, Ont., and in Halifax.  Almost 9,000 workers in the Greater Toronto Area walked off the job Tuesday at 12:01 am ET. Continue reading

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All out to oppose annual US-led war conference in Halifax!


Demonstration against fourth Halifax International Security Forum, November 17, 2012

This year’s U.S.-led “Halifax International Security Forum” (HISF), referred to by many as the Halifax War Conference, takes place on November 16-18. An anti-war rally will be held to protest it on November 17. Continue reading


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Women in US organize march on Pentagon


On October 21 and 22, women in the United States are organizing an anti-war march on the Pentagon to demand the complete end to the wars the U.S. is conducting abroad; the closure of foreign bases; and a significant cut to the Pentagon budget, to instead fund healthy social programs in the U.S. There will also be sister actions across the country. Continue reading

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Israeli forces wound more than 70 Palestinians at Gaza border protest

An Israeli military spokeswoman said about 10,000 demonstrators massed at the border and that some threw burning tyres, grenades and explosive devices at the troops across the fence. About 30 Palestinians suffered tear gas inhalation, the Gaza health ministry said.

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Anna Burns may have won the Booker, but monopoly publishers are the real victors

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The US orchestrates unprecedented provocation against Cuba in the United Nations

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