Huawei: Despicable tactic by US with Canadian appeasement


The arrest and incarceration in Vancouver of Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer of the prominent Chinese telecommunications company Huawei, is a stark illustration of the lengths to which the U.S. administration will go – with the willing (but not wanting to appear so) appeasement of the Canadian government – to “make America great again.” The desperate campaign for economic supremacy at the global level by the U.S.-based oligarchy is at the heart of this act and others like it – contrary to hastily constructed claims by some of its supporters in Canada that the arrest is merely a judicial matter having nothing to do with politics and trade. Actually it has everything to do with the U.S. and its intensifying trade war with China; and with the striving by the U.S. administration to be the dominant player over the other “Five Eyes” in an Anglo-American arrangement to exert economic, political, and military control on a world scale.

In the TML Weekly article “Peoples of the World Oppose Those Who Make a Mockery of Human Rights Based on Ulterior Motives,”[1] the author points out that ever more egregious ways are used by the old forces – those who usurp power by force – to maintain hegemony, all in the name of defending democracy and human rights, or in the name of opposing corruption and fraud, or defining national interest. The arrest of the CFO of Huawei is a glaring example of what the author has identified, on the part of these old forces, as a nefarious “turning their attention to rival business representatives whom they humiliate and criminalize because they [the business representatives] have their own interests and refuse to submit to their hegemony.”

The arrest and detention of Ms. Meng was in itself an act to humiliate her as a representative of Huawei, a large Chinese telecommunications company that is potentially outstripping the U.S. in the development of ”fifth generation” (5G) telecommunications hardware. The arrest and humiliation of this representative was calculated to shake confidence among investors in this company and persuade universities and corporations like Telus in Canada not to do business with it.

Ms. Meng was manhandled by security personnel in a manner that would be subject to court action for assault in other circumstances; she was also manacled like a criminal; she is required to wear an ankle bracelet and is under house arrest while proceedings for extradition by the U.S. may go ahead; she and supporters had to pay a huge bail. In addition, the house in which she is required to stay for certain hours of the day as a condition of bail was pictured in the Vancouver Sun; and in that newspaper as well as in the free Vancouver daily Metro, the street and location were printed for all to see. Early in the morning on December 9, while bail proceedings were still in progress, the house was broken into. This could suggest a Watergate-type of break-in – the “suspects” ran away when someone in the house discovered them. At the very least this was an invitation to burglary or harassment.

Bogeyman of “cyber security”

Politicians and commentators are citing “national security” and, specifically, “cyber security.” It is not coincidental that in late November parliamentarians in Canada raised the potential “danger” of corporations and entities doing business with Huawei. Conservative MP Peter Kent, in his address, referred to an article in the Wall Street Journal, stating “the U.S. government is reaching out to its foreign allies urging them to avoid using telecommunications equipment from Huawei.”[2]Conservative MP Pierre Paul-Hus said “most of our allies have made it very clear that they see Huawei as a threat, whether it’s financial or otherwise.” Weighing in also was Bob Zimmerman, Conservative MP, who said “the former is a close colleague and I would agree with him.” Matthew Dubé, NDP MP, said “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale should take comments coming from Canada’s allies seriously.” While Dubé said that he is not convinced by Scott Jones, head of Canada’s Communications Security Establishment (CSE), “who provided information on the government having testing facilities for Huawei technology,” he was equivocal, adding “we have other allies … that have seemed to find a way to work with them [Huawei] in a constructive way that ensures security. That’s why my response has been on the fence about this.”

The above-mentioned parliamentarians are members of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security (SECU) and the Canada-United States Inter-parliamentary Group. They claim that Huawei representatives have “lobbied” or approached them in the past to oppose the attempted U.S. blockade against this company. They also claim that they “were not approached by U.S. officials,” although Kent admitted, “I know that colleagues have been [approached] on the appropriate committees.”

The issue of “cyber security” is being raised as a bogeyman to frighten and fool Canadians into supporting the agenda of the U.S. oligarchy to attain economic, political, and military supremacy on a world scale. This oligarchy sees the development and monopoly of 5G telecommunication hardware as key to carrying out this agenda, along with the suppression or weakening of a rival power in this domain.

Canadians cannot be so easily fooled. In 2013, a mere five years ago or so, Edward Snowden, former CIA employee and contractor for the U.S. government, copied and leaked thousands of classified documents from the National Security Agency (NSA), revealing that the U.S. government was conducting extensive surveillance over its own citizens through phone and internet records. This is the same U.S. that some parliamentarians would have Canadians trust with surveillance capabilities (and actual activities) over their internet use here. As for the accusations that Huawei is too close to the Chinese government (and thus the Chinese government could potentially bring the North American economy to a standstill through hardware bought from Huawei), what about the fact that monopolies like Facebook and others are being used by the state in both the U.S. and Canada to spy on their own citizens with the objective of exerting control?

The Canadian people will see through the fraud being perpetrated by the U.S. oligarchy and its accomplices in Canada, in the name of defending “national security,” and will not get drawn into supporting this or any other agenda that is against their own interests. The real issue is that with actual sovereignty and independence, the Canadian people would be capable of exercising control over their own lives and not be subject to control from without.


1. TML Weekly article by Pauline Easton, December 8, 2018.

2. mobilesyrup, November, 2018.

Source: TML Weekly, December 15, 2018 – No. 44



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