Plan to overthrow the Venezuelan ‘dictatorship’ – ‘Masterstroke’

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By US Admiral Kurt W. Tidd, Commander, US Southern Command


Last May, Argentinian journalist Stella Calloni revealed a document from Admiral Kurt Tidd, Commander in Chief of SouthCom, exposing military operations aimed at Venezuela. A second penetration was simultaneously implemented in Nicaragua, and a third, running for the last half century, against Cuba. The entire 11-page text is reproduced below. The admiral twice last year, in February and November, visited two areas in Colombia, the coca growing areas of south Colombia, and along the border with Venezuela, where the Colombian military has its largest concentrations of troops.

Tidd was succeeded in November by U.S. Navy Adm. Craig S. Faller. In Admiral Faller’s ceremony to take charge of SouthCom, he remarked, “As I see it, the Western Hemisphere is our neighborhood…. and in our neighborhood, security and stability can’t be taken for granted.” One of the first acts of the new commander was to visit Colombia, two days after the change of command. Likewise, the new Colombian President Iván Duque visited the SouthCom headquarters in Doral, Florida last July.

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