Mexican president says constitution defines his country’s stand

Mexican flagMexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador explained his government’s position on the situation in Venezuela earlier this week in response to a call by members of the Venezuelan opposition that Mexico abandon its position of recognizing President Nicolás Maduro’s government. López Obrador reiterated what he has said before, that it is not a question of his opinion, but what Mexico’s constitution calls for.

Our position, he said, is defined by the constitution, which establishes in its article 89, that the country’s foreign policy is based on the principles of non-intervention, self-determination, peaceful solution of controversies, cooperation for development, and the protection of human rights.

That is our position and it has to do with our history, he said. It may be that other nations with another history see that as something superficial, he added, that can be changed according to circumstances, but for us it is part of the lessons of history. He said that is the meaning of Benito Juárez’s phrase that among individuals, as among nations, peace means respecting the rights of others. That is my position and it will continue to be the position of Mexico’s government, he said.

López Obrador said his government wants the sides in Venezuela to talk, for there to be a peaceful solution, with no use of force and no violence, and an opportunity for diplomacy and dialogue. On the issue of humanitarian aid, he said it should not be mixed with political or ideological positions. He said, in his opinion, the UN should be used for this and all humanitarian aid given to the Venezuelan people as well as to others worldwide who have need of it.

(Prensa Latina)

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