Majority of countries of the world uphold Venezuela’s sovereignty


Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza meets with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, February 22, 2019.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza held a press conference at the United Nations in New York City on February 22. He informed that Venezuela is holding discussions with all those seeking a peaceful resolution to the situation, including UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, with whom Venezuela held a third bilateral meeting earlier in the day.

Arreaza pointed out that nearly 60 member nations also met at the UN that day to advocate for a peaceful resolution and to uphold the principles of the UN Charter. They worked on a plan of action to reject aggression against Venezuela and any sovereign people, including at the Security Council, the Human Rights Council and the General Assembly. The Bolivarian government is also seeking dialogue with the U.S. and the opposition forces, to find a peaceful solution to the current problems.

2019.02.22-USNY-VenezuelanForeignMinatUN-MinMujer-01“We want peace and dialogue; we are sitting at the table and we have not gotten up. Members of the opposition and of the National Assembly, we are here to talk. There is a constitution, let’s look for a peaceful solution,”Arreaza said.

He also pointed out that various intrigues against the Maduro government are in the works. For example, a draft resolution of the Lima Group has been prepared by the U.S. for approval on Monday, February 25, that anticipates events that have not yet even occurred. The U.S. is not even an official member of this treacherous Lima Group, which Canada has cobbled together under its command.

Arreaza expressed the hope that the U.S. and the opposition forces it supports “do not carry out false flag operations on the weekend.” In this vein, Arreaza rejected media attempts to attribute violence against the people to the Bolivarian Armed Forces.

“The Armed Forces are characterized by their humanism.” They would never act against their own people but are “ready to protect national sovereignty,” he said. He reminded the media of how the U.S. military attacked the Dominican Republic in 1965 and imposed a dictatorship under the same guise of sending “humanitarian aid.”

Regarding the “humanitarian aid” that the opposition forces will attempt to forcibly bring into Venezuela on February 23, Arreaza said this aid would better serve suffering children in Colombia. He reiterated Venezuela’s willingness to cooperate with the UN system so that the country can buy food and medicines with UN support, on the basis of humanitarian technical cooperation, not false “humanitarian aid.”

Arreaza also called on international media to not lend themselves to U.S. disinformation for aggression.

“In the case of Venezuela there is a great media war, not only economic and political,” he said and called on journalists to properly investigate and get to the bottom of the news, saying they “must be professionals and responsible in arriving at the truth.”

Spokespersons for the Foreign Ministries of China and Russia stated that the U.S. must not use the pretext of humanitarian aid to stage a provocation in Venezuela.

In the evening of February 22, Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez tweeted, “The Bolivarian Government informs the population that, due to the serious and illegal threats attempted by the Colombian Government against the peace and sovereignty of Venezuela, it has taken the decision of a temporary total closure of the Simón Bolívar, Santander and Unión bridges!” She added that the government “gives full guarantees to the Venezuelan and Colombian people for safe border crossings. As soon as the disruptive acts of violence against our people and our territory are brought under control, normalcy at the border will be restored!”


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