Syria denounces double standards in humanitarian aid at UN

United Nations, Feb 26 (Prensa Latina) The Syrian ambassador to the UN, Bashar Al Jaafari, denounced this Tuesday that while some states claim to be concerned about the humanitarian situation in the Levantine nation, on the other hand they promote political and economic terrorism.

Five years ago, on February 22, 2014, the Security Council adopted a resolution on the humanitarian situation in Syria, which stated that humanitarian support for the Syrians could not be carried out successfully without an end to terrorism, he recalled.

He also warned of the need to end the politicization of this aid.

At the time, I said, and I now reiterate again in the Council, that humanitarian support could not be properly and effectively implemented unless actions coincide with words,’ said Al Jaafari.

How then can some members of this body say that they are concerned about the humanitarian situation in Syria when they maintain their forces illegitimately in the territory and support terrorist groups, he questioned.

How do they say they care about the humanitarian situation in Syria when they prevent the return of refugees to their villages of origin, once they are released by terrorists, continued the ambassador.

Now we see in Venezuela another attempt to use the issue of humanitarian aid to blackmail states – he warned – when the real intention is to meddle in the internal affairs of a country.

According to Al Jaafari, some members of the Security Council have turned adopted resolutions into an object with which they are ‘traded. In that sense, he referred to the invasion of an area of Syrian territory by a coalition led by the United States, which prevents the arrival of humanitarian aid and medical assistance.

Such a coalition does not seek to combat terrorism, but to plunge the countries of the region into an imaginary conflict and generate chaos, he warned.

Faced with this situation, the diplomat stressed, the Security Council must ensure that the norms of international law and the UN Charter prevail and that the body is no longer used as an instrument.

The Syrian representative also rejected the sanctions imposed by Western powers on his country, which prevent medicines, food and milk for children.

But then these states go to the Security Council and say they are concerned about the humanitarian situation, he insisted.

Syria, in collaboration with Russia, opened humanitarian corridors to allow the safe and voluntary return of displaced civilians, and we hope that those efforts will allow them to return to areas under the control of Damascus, he said.

Others, on the contrary, hinder and hinder the return of displaced persons to their communities of origin, the ambassador lamented.

He also drew attention to how it is intended to ignore the need to coordinate and consult humanitarian aid with Syrian authorities, as established by international standards.

Al Jaafari explained that Damascus did not receive an invitation to participate in the conferences held in Brussels and this reveals the real intentions behind these quotes: it is not about humanitarian objectives, but about weaving hostile political woven.

Syria has attended all the requests for humanitarian assistance made by different UN agencies, he reported, but the illegal presence of the United States in some territories impedes the access of assistance.

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