CBC’s despicable attempt to legitimate  aggression and war

ALBA Social Movements Canada, Ottawa Chapter

2019.02.23-TorontoCBC-HandsOffVenezuelaDOA-02A recent news item, “Canada at Odds with Cuban Ally Over Maduro’s Fate,” written by Evan Dyer, is a continuation of CBC News’ campaign of vicious lies and distortions about the struggle of the Venezuelan people who are defending their independence and sovereignty against foreign aggression.

To call the CBC News coverage yellow journalism is inadequate to characterize the dirty role it plays to justify aggression and war against Venezuela.

This latest baseless pack of lies and slander published on March 3, 2019, makes it clear that CBC News and Global Affairs Canada have become one, and that all pretence of basic journalistic integrity have been totally abandoned.

Dyer’s diatribe, based on unsubstantiated statements from Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland, states that “thousands of Cubans in Venezuela” are acting as “intelligence operators,” and the “Cubans are calling the shots” to keep the government in power.

CBC News and Global Affairs Canada, having failed in their miserable attempt at a coup d’état and invasion to overthrow the Maduro government and not succeeding in their grand attempt to conjure up a mass uprising of the Venezuelan people and mass defections from the Venezuelan armed forces, now have as their Plan B blaming the Cubans!

Dyer’s two-bit yellow journalism expects people to believe the preposterous claims that Freeland and her cronies are defending the autonomy of Venezuela against “Cuban domination.” It would be funny if it were not so tragic to hear these calumnies which claim that Cuba is propping up the Maduro government while remaining silent about the scum the U.S. is propping up in that country.

The Trump administration’s new point man for Venezuela is Elliott Abrams who, as a major architect of the so-called Iran-Contra dirty war, will be forever remembered for the crimes committed against the people of Nicaragua for which he was convicted in 1991. He was also accused of covering up many atrocities committed by the paramilitaries set in motion by the U..S government in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

The other key figure is National Security Advisor John Bolton who recently declared that the U.S. will invade Venezuela and imprison its president at the U.S. prison camp in Guantánamo.

Mr. Dyer forgot to inform us in his article that these are Chrystia Freeland’s working partners who are dedicated to “defending the autonomy of Venezuela.” Desperate to legitimate their plans to overthrow the Maduro government and to destroy the peace in the Americas by appeasing the U.S. imperialist invasion of Venezuela, they are concocting wild stories to cover up that the Venezuelan people are in control of their Bolivarian revolutionary process.

What the CBC is passing off as journalism are stories by the U.S. imperialist political police. It is no accident that it comes soon after Donald Trump gave the call to obliterate socialism and that once he settles accounts with Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba will follow.

2017.08.29-Toronto-CBCStopLyingAboutVenezuela-03crCanadians will not stand for Canada’s activities to trample the international rule of law in the mud. With this article, the CBC has wantonly abandoned journalistic integrity. CBC journalists and Canadians who listen to the CBC believing it to have integrity should be greatly alarmed to see what Canada’s official news agency is doing. Political interference in how the CBC reports on the news is as intolerable as political interference which serves narrow interests in the judiciary or any other aspect of life. Virulent hatred for the people of Venezuela and their government will not make the U.S. imperialist plans to overthrow Maduro and take over Venezuela succeed. Canadians join the peoples of Our America to demand that Latin America and the Caribbean remain a Zone of Peace and that any conflicts be sorted out through dialogue and political negotiation, not flagrant lies, provocations and attempts to justify what cannot be justified.

(For the scurrilous CBC News article, click here.)

(March 4, 2019)

TML Weekly Information Project, March 9, 2019 – No. 8

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