Event. What is actually happening in Venezuela?

Report on a fact-finding and solidarity visit to Venezuela

Visit to an urban agriculture project in Caracas

— Public Forum —

6:30pm  Tuesday, May 14, 2019

BMO Community Room, Halifax Central Library 2nd Floor

5440 Spring Garden Road, Halifax NS

Over the past 3 months the U.S. and Canada have attempted to overthrow the democratically elected President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro;  so far it has been a failure. The attempted imposition of self-declared  “President” Juan Guaido, a fake “humanitarian aid” convoy, escalating economic sanctions, sabotage on the electrical grid resulting in prolonged nation-wide blackouts, and continued threats of U.S. military intervention have not worked.

It now appears a prolonged “hybrid” war against Venezuela is in the works. Venezuelans are in constant mobilization in defence of President Maduro and against U.S. intervention. Major corporate media, including the CBC in Canada, has completely shut out these voices and their actions in defence of their democratically elected government as part of a larger campaign of mass media lies and manipulations that is being carried out against Venezuela in order to promote the U.S. “regime change” agenda.

Dr. Timothy Bood of Halifax was part of a delegation to Venezuela, March 28 to April 7. The purpose was to see first-hand what was actually happening in Venezuela, and investigate the effects that economic sanctions have had on the country. In addition, potential action in support of Venezuela and its right to self-determination will be discussed.

With special guest speaker Ronald Paz who will speak on race and revolution in Venezuela.

Stand with the Venezuelan People and Their Bolivarian President and Government!

For further information, e-mail: noharbourforwar@hotmail.com

or Facebook 

Photo shows Dr. Timothy Bood and delegation visiting an urban agricultural project in Caracas, capital of Venezuela.

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