Note to readers

Due to a research and writing project on NATO and a move to Toronto, I have been posting on an irregular basis since February-March. However, during the forthcoming period, be ready for a tsunami of articles. Although the principle focus of this site is international relations and Canada’s military and foreign policy, along with questions of disinformation, the media and history, it also acts as a resource centre on Atlantic Canada. We will be reposting articles on current struggles of the workers in that region, principally from Workers’ Forum. In addition we will be soon reposting scores of articles and reports on the Maritimes from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, written either by myself or my colleagues in the party press, so that one can either have an overview of the entire period of what took place and was achieved, or find historical information on a particular topic. All these articles will be dated according to their original publication date, so they will not be featured on the “Recent Posts” sidebar on the front page.

Please continue to send us your reports, photos and comments, and keep up to date with the CPC(M-L) website and calendars of events for important announcements.

I am grateful for your interest and support.

Best wishes,

Tony Seed


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  1. Denis Rancourt

    Thank for the update. I look forward to the tsunami. 🙂


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