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The US government allocates millions of dollars to obstruct Cuban medical cooperation

Statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs denounces and strongly condemns the United States government’s recent aggression against Cuba through a USAID program to finance projects and seek information to discredit and sabotage Cuba’s international health care cooperation in dozens of countries, benefitting millions of people. This plan joins the disgraceful pressure exerted on several governments to hamper Cuban cooperation, and previous attempts with the same purpose such as the special “parole” program meant to rob human resources trained in Cuba. Continue reading

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Brexit crisis deepens: The Queen’s active role in the right wing coup

The British people took to the streets of London to vent their anger at Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision to prorogue the dysfunctional Westminster Parliament. The Queen’s assent was given on August 28 in a secret meeting held at Balmoral in Scotland with Jacob Rees-Mogg, Baroness Evans, the Leader of the Lords, and Mark Spencer, the Chief Whip. MPs have also reacted with indignation, comparing the move to a coup d’état. Only six Cabinet ministers, together with Johnson, according to the Telegraph, knew of the secret plans to suspend Parliament for a month, beginning in the second week of September. Thousands of people made their way to Parliament Square at short notice, advertising their efforts with the social media hash tag #StopTheCoup. In addition, a petition against Johnson’s plan had already exceeded 1.3 million signatures at the time of publication, as the public outrage rumbled on. A petition earlier this year demanding the British government reverse its course on Brexit received more than 4.5 million signatures in just three days.  It is not simply that it is rule by executive fiat, but that the chaos and illegal maneouvres are demonstrating that these political institutions are not consistent with the needs of the times. Two views.

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The war on innocence: Palestinian children in Israeli military court


The process in which Palestinian children are callously arrested –
infographic prepared by the moqawama website to visualize the scene | Click to enlarge

On July 29, 4-year-old Muhammad Rabi’ Elayyan was reportedly summoned for interrogation by the Israeli police in occupied Jerusalem. Continue reading

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This Day. 400th Anniversary of US slavery

Four hundred years ago, a Portuguese ship named the São João Bautista traveled across the Atlantic Ocean carrying a load of captive Africans from Angola, in southwestern Africa, to the “New World.” Seized by two English pirate ships, the captive Africans ended up in the British colony of Virginia, founded just 12 years earlier, the first permanent English settlement in North America established by the Virginia Company of London in 1671. Only twenty survived the journey. Jamestown, Virginia soon became one of the main areas for the arrival of enslaved Africans. The sale of the 20 Africans to the owners of tobacco fields began the Atlantic slave trade on which the United States was built. Continue reading

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The man who weaponizes and loses everything

Many news outlets documented that Putin’s Russia weaponizes everything, including humour, health information, giant squids, robotic cockroaches, tedium and postmodernism. Continue reading

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Event. 24th Annual Toronto-Cuba Friendship Day

Celebration of Cuban Culture

Saturday, August 24 — 2:30-5:30 pm
Rotunda, City Hall, 100 Queen St. W.
Organized by Canadian-Cuban Friendship Association Toronto; Association Juan Gualberto Gómez of Cubans in Toronto and Latin American and Caribbean Solidarity Network (LACSN).

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A fist raised and a knee taken: US gold medalists protest racism, social injustice

“Somebody has to talk about the things that are too uncomfortable to talk about. Somebody has to stand for all of the injustices that are going on in America and a president who’s making it worse,” said hammer thrower Gwen Berry

Olympic fencing medallist Race Imboden took a knee in protest during his team’s foil medal ceremony at the Pan American Games in Lima, Peru on August 9, 2019

American gold medalist fencer Race Imboden took a knee and hammer thrower Gwen Berry raised her fist – as other politically-engaged athletes have done in the past – during the playing of the US national anthem at the Pan American Games in Lima, Peru, to protest social injustice and to call attention to their country’s racism, mistreatment of immigrants, and ongoing gun violence epidemic. Continue reading

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