Labour Day 2019: Uphold the Dignity of Labour! Defend the Rights of All!

The Workers’ Centre of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada greets the workers on this Labour Day. Today, as never before, the severe crisis in which the democracy is mired reveals that the future of the society and its security lie in the workers leading the fight in defence of the rights of all!

The ruling class and governments in its service, along with their transmission belts among the people, especially the parties that form the cartel party system, deprive the working people of effective means to affirm their rights. They are desperate to keep themselves afloat by seizing all the human and material resources which belong to the people while demanding that the people restore faith in defunct liberal democratic institutions and declaring elections confer them with the consent of the governed. Their cut-throat competition for riches and power is such that they spend their lives attacking each other and talking gibberish about how their sell-out is in the national interest and for the good of the people. Their so-called free trade agreements and supranational arrangements are designed to place at their disposal the natural resources and means of production of the nation and all the social wealth workers produce for use in their private empire-building.

No one can ignore that oligopolies possess unbridled global economic and political power. They have seized dominant positions throughout the economy and state, and are using their power to favour their narrow private interests against the working class and all others. This means that within the economy and society, working people face the need to develop new methods of political participation to defend their rights.

The people’s striving for empowerment is manifest in demands to reform the political process, which the ruling class is manoeuvering to defeat. Subjecting Canada to U.S. Homeland Security and crushing the organized resistance of workers and their unions as well as of Indigenous peoples and youth must not be allowed to pass. They are attacks on nation-building and society. The financial oligarchy knows full well that an organized and conscious working class is the greatest defender of the rights and well-being of all and in the general interests of nation-building and society, which is why the state targets them.

All power to the workers who are stepping up their opposition to laws and arrangements which trample their rights in the mud! No! to attempts to glorify so-called democratic institutions that no longer function; and political parties that have no member participation or control; and a foreign policy that foments aggression and war in the name of peace, democracy and human rights; and the criminalization of the people on the basis of ideological beliefs or the defence of rights at home and abroad.

Workers who speak out in defence of justice, human dignity and the rights of all make a crucial contribution to ending intensified exploitation and impoverishment, enslavement, environmental degradation and war, all carried out under banners of prosperity, freedom, human rights and democracy for the few.

The past year has seen workers across the country show tremendous determination to defend their rights and honour. This includes workers in manufacturing, mining, forestry, transportation, health care, education and throughout the public and private sectors, as well as those who are unemployed or injured, retirees and the Indigenous peoples, as well as women and youth.

This Labour Day, let workers take measures to step up their organized resistance in defence of the rights and dignity of all. Stop the oligarchs and the political parties which make up the cartel party system from engineering the expropriation of the country’s social wealth to make the rich richer and the poor poorer, while depriving the working people of any say or control over the economy and the social product they produce.

Stop Paying the Rich!
Increase Investments in Social Programs!
Make Canada a Zone for Peace!


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