Ten dollars of pure democracy

The 12.7 mm bullet that killed the Ukrainian opera singer Vasyl Slipak [Zelensky retold this story during the UN session, hence why he has a bullet in his hand – ed] costs $10. It, in general, is correct that the price is given in dollars. Because the country that produces these dollars has a direct bearing on everything that is happening in Ukraine now.

In fact, the US doesn’t hide this. Once it was even said that $5 billion was allocated for “supporting democracy” in Ukraine. The difference with how much the bullet that killed Slipak costs is just astronomic. But nevertheless, these $10 are also the price of all Ukrainian democracy and the Ukrainian independent state, which was fed with such huge money from across the ocean.

Vasyl Slipak left his career as an opera singer and went to fight against the “Russian occupiers”. Of course, he knew very well that there weren’t any “Russian occupiers” where he was going in order to fight. There are only working men who took up arms in order to protect their right to be called Russians, to speak their native language, to read Russian books, to honour the ancestors of Heroes who once saved the world from the Absolute Evil. And these men protected their houses and families. Vasyl Slipak knew very well where he was going. Especially since he fought not simply in a unit of the UAF, but in one of the units of “Right Sector“, a frankly Nazi organisation. Vasyl Slipak knew very well that Ukrainian guns and mortars shoot at the residential quarters of the cities and the settlements of Donbass, he knew very well that the shelling was killing civilians and children. And Vasyl Slipak got his bullet, he received it from those whose pensioners, wives, and children run every day to the basements in order to hide from gun-fire to survive. But after all, it would probably be more correct to say that Vasyl Slipak received not a bullet, but $10, just the same dollars that were generously allocated by the Americans for “Ukrainian democracy”. The same democracy that brings unhappiness, pain, and death.

Vasyl Slipak’s story is not fresh and even not news the day before yesterday. Vasyl Slipak received his deadly $10 in 2016. But today the new Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky offered a reminder about it again from the tribune of the UN. Zelensky showed that $10 bullet and told this story in front of a traditionally half-empty hall. He told it in a well-delivered, tragic voice, and here he should be given credit – the guy coped with the drama, although his actor’s role is a comedian. Zelensky spoke about “Russian aggression” and how difficult it is for Ukraine to fight against it. He asked for the world’s support. Frankly speaking, the world has somehow spit on this very Ukraine. For a long time. Poroshenko addressed half-empty halls too and and didn’t waste time on trifles – he dragged everything that was possible to various international audiences, from pieces of buses, to a heap of Russian passports, not like bullets. And somehow he didn’t achieve success. But, apparently, the young successor adopts the experience of his senior comrades. Even if it was a bullet, in the end Zelensky knows very well that the most important thing on the stage is not props, but acting…

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