No Via Rail for War, No Ports Toronto for War, No Harbour for War!

Via Rail, Ports Toronto, Halifax International Security Forum and General Dynamics Land Systems (US manufacturers of the LAVs being shipped to Saudi Arabia for its war of aggression against Yemen through the port of Saint John) are all corporate sponsors of the NATO Association of Canada. Why is this?

Troops and war material must be transported to Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Aggression and wars are prepared. A major NATO project is the demand for control and modernization of transportation infrastructure and corridors.

For example, the forthcoming “Defender 2020” (beginning in January, the largest military maneuver for U.S. forces in Europe in the past 25 years involving over 20,000 troops in a two month period) focuses on moving troops and war materiel from North American ports to Europe and rotating U.S. and Canadian troops across the Atlantic to Europe and advancing toward the Russian border – including across the national boundaries of Canada and the United States as well as the borders of member states of the European Union. CN Rail goes all the way to the Port of New Orleans.

Be vigilant. Don’t think for a minute that the NATO-sponsored Halifax War Conference is just a concern for Haligonians or a routine event.

Bring your placards, banners, hot chocolate or coffee, humanity and spirit! This is an important opportunity for everyone to speak in their own name against war preparations and any role for Canada in intervention, aggression and war. Great discussion too.

Along with Halifax and Toronto, there’s a picket in Windsor. Check out the Facebook page of the Windsor Peace Coalition. In other areas, take the initiative and hold a picket in your community. Every little bit counts.

Support the just demands of the CN rail workers!

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