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NATO military infrastructure in Afghanistan

This map provides a general look at the active NATO-led military infrastructure in Afghanistan. Click to enlarge |

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World container routes

This map provides a general look at the main container routes around the world. Click to enlarge |

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Renouncing Israel on principle


Brian Naughton – CC BY 2.0

When anti-Zionists discuss the Middle East, the topic of Israel’s existence rarely arises.  It’s almost exclusively a pro-Israel talking point. We’re focused on national liberation, on surviving repression, on strategies of resistance, on recovering subjugated histories, on the complex (and sometimes touchy) relationships among an Indigenous population disaggregated by decades of aggression.  That a colonial state – or any state, really – possesses no ontological rights is an unspoken assumption.

“Do you recognize Israel’s right to exist?” pretends to honour the downtrodden, but it is an altogether different proposition, transforming sophisticated ideas of liberation into a crude test of political respectability. Prioritizing the state as worthy of relief, as something to which we automatically owe deference, subsumes life to the imperatives of capital. Continue reading

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Cuba: European Parliament resolution contradicts spirit of dialogue and mutual respect

Cuban deputies to the National Assembly of People’s Power condemn the echoing of U.S. slander in a resolution that contradicts the spirit of respectful dialogue that has prevailed in relations between our country and the European Union

The International Relations Commission of the National Assembly of People’s Power has expressed its strongest rejection of the European Parliament’s Common Resolution (2019/2929 RSP), given its interventionist content and disrespect for Cuban sovereignty, with absolute ignorance of our reality. Continue reading

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NATO is a threat to the climate

Vigorous picket held in Toronto outside the NATO Association of Canada headquarters, 44 Yonge Street, on December 3. The action condemned the 70th Anniversary NATO Summit being held in London that day.


Last week, the 29 leaders of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) went to celebrate their alliance’s anniversary in London, but snubbed the opening of United Nations climate conference where the other 164 world leaders and their delegations are meeting in Madrid. 

Despite several scientific reports urgently warning about the devastating impacts and security implications of rising carbon emissions, climate change was not even on the NATO agenda. 

Instead, the alliance leaders discussed Russia and China as adversaries, space as a new warfighting domain, greater warfare readiness and more defence spending. Continue reading

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For the record: Exposing the falsification of history – victim or aggressor: Chrystia Freeland’s family record for Nazi war profiteering, and murder of the Cracow Jews

January 27, 2017 marked the 72nd anniversary of the liberation of prisoners of the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland by the Red Army, shown in photo. Three months before, in October 1944, German troops along with deputy prime minister Chrystia Freeland’s grandfather and other collaborators fled nearby Krakow, Poland (68 kilometres away from the camp) for Vienna, Austria. He left Vienna in March 1945 days before it was liberated by the Soviets. Continue reading

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70th anniversary NATO summit: London police fail to thwart No to Trump, No to NATO protest

Terina Hine, posted in Stop the War News & Comment

Thousands assembled on Tuesday evening [December 3] to join the No to NATO protest as NATO leaders came together for the 70th anniversary NATO summit. For a US President to visit the UK in the middle of a General Election campaign is unprecedented and protesters came out in force on this cold December evening to make their feelings known. Not only were anti-war protesters braving the cold but also a large contingent of NHS workers along with doctors and nurses, to make it clear that the NHS is not for sale. Continue reading

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102nd Anniversary of the Halifax Explosion

Infamy of the massacre of the Canadian people in Halifax

Painting of the Halifax Explosion


December 6th is the 102nd anniversary of the horrific Halifax Explosion of 1917 – the largest explosion in history before the infamous devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by U.S. atomic bombs in 1945.[1] Some 1,963 innocent men, women and children were massacred, another 9,000 injured and 199 blinded, comprising more than one fifth of the total population, resulting from a massive explosion due to the collision in the inner harbour of the merchant ship Imo and the ammunition ship Mont Blanc loaded with 3,00 tons of chemical explosives. One square mile of the working class quarter of the North End facing the Halifax Narrows was totally destroyed. Six thousand people lost their homes altogether and between 20,000 and 25,000 Haligonians were left homeless and destitute, including ten thousand children. More than 1,600 buildings were destroyed, and 12,000 more were damaged.[2] Continue reading


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NATO Summit: Rearmament despite dissension

NATO increases operational readiness and targets China

BERLIN/BRUSSELS (german-policy-com) – In spite of fierce internal conflicts, NATO is enhancing its operational readiness, is preparing its next expansion and is setting its sights on China as a new “challenge.” These are the main results of the war alliance’s anniversary summit, which ended in London yesterday, with the participation of the heads of states and governments of the member countries. As early as next year, NATO will be able deploy 30 army, air force and naval units in a war within a 30 day maximum. At the London summit, North Macedonia, which is about to join the Alliance, was represented for the first time. In the future, NATO will extensively concern itself with China, however not exclusively confrontational, as Washington would have wanted. The conflict with Turkey did not escalate, even though the dissension between Ankara and various other allied states, by no means, had been resolved. In fact, the Turkish government has implicitly been given a blank check for its heavily criticized activities in the occupation of Northern Syria. Continue reading

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Our America confronts escalating attacks by imperialism and oligarchies

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Statement, Cuba

The most recent events in the region confirm that the U.S. government and reactionary oligarchies as responsible for the dangerous political and social upheaval and instability in Latin America and the Caribbean. Continue reading

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Oppose the Defamation of University of Alberta Lecturer Dr Dougal MacDonald

Alberta government intensifies vicious anti-social offensive

– Statement of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) –

Dr. Dougal MacDonald is not a holocaust denier.

But what can be said about those who seek to defame him?

In the matter of the defamatory accusations gratuitously levelled against Dr. Dougal MacDonald insinuating he is a holocaust denier, we state categorically that Dr. MacDonald is not now and never has been a holocaust denier. Dr. MacDonald has researched and, along with others, argues against the narrative of a genocide committed in Ukraine by the Soviet state. To equate this stand with denial of the holocaust is socially irresponsible. It lowers the level of political culture and discourse to disinform public opinion about the real matters of concern to society. Such defamation seeks to disarticulate the fight raging in society, especially in Alberta, against the anti-social offensive launched by the Kenney government. Shame on those who repeat these defamatory statements without any regard for the facts or their own social responsibility. Continue reading

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