‘Heroes’ to be arrested for the Maidan massacre?


(March 27) – The Prosecutor General Office of Ukraine reportedly plans to arrest two prominent recent members of the parliament and far right activists on charges of their involvement in the Maidan massacre.

The Ukrainian media reports, citing anonymous sources in the Prosecutor General Office of Ukraine, that they plan to charge Volodymyr Parasiuk with the massacre of the Berkut policemen on February 20, 2014, and Tetiana Chornovol with a deadly arson of the Party of Regions office that resulted in killing of a computer admin there on February 18, 2014.

My studies concerning the Maidan massacre and the far right in Ukraine found that the Parasiuk-led company of Maidan snipers was involved in the Maidan massacre and that Chornovol and far right Maidan activists were involved in this deadly arson attack that involved the far right.

Both of them were hailed by the Ukrainian and even some Western media and politicians as Maidan and national heroes, while their involvement in the Maidan massacre and the far right background were deliberately ignored or denied. Parasiuk was affiliated with the far right Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists and Svoboda before the Maidan and was a company commander in the Right Sector-led Dnipro paramilitary battalion after the Maidan. Chornovol was an activist of the far right UNA-UNSO before the Maidan and in the Fatherland/Peoples Front during and after the Maidan. The Ukrainian media reports that Parasiuk has already disappeared.

*Ivan Katchanovski teaches at the School of Political Studies at the University of Ottawa and is the foremost researcher exposing the false narrative and official cover-up of the snipers massacre which was blamed on the elected government (see here). 

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