‘Operation Gideon’: Second mercenary incursion against Venezuela in 48 hours fails in Chuao

The murky background of Jordan Goudreau, former member of the Canadian Armed Forces and Green Berets, paid by US and Canadian-sponsored imposter Juan Guaidó   | Report by Misión Verdad with update by Tony Seed

Mercenaries captured in Chuao, on the coast of Aragua state | Twitter

(May 5) –On the morning of May 4, in the coastal town of Chuao (Aragua state), a group of eight mercenaries aboard a boat were captured in a joint operation between local fishermen, the regional police and the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB).

Former Captain Antonio Sequea Torres, his brother, former Major General Juvenal Sequea Torres, Adolfo Baduel, son of former General Raúl Isaías Baduel, and two Americans with ties to Silvercorp, a private company company, were arrested.

This failed incursion was part of the so-called “Operation Gideon”, carried out by the American military contractor Silvercorp, owned by Jordan Goudreau, raised in Canada and trained by the Canadian Armed Forces, who unsuccessfully attempted an armed landing at Macuto (La Guaira state) in the early hours of the morning the day before.

He publicly affirmed his involvement, according to the Globe and Mail in a front-page article (May 6), which confirms the contention by Venezuelan authorities. on the involvement of U.S. mercenaries and former Green Berets.

“In a video posted to Twitter on Sunday [May 3] Mr Goudreau spoke about plotting a “daring, amphibious raid” launched from Columbia. 

“Our mean are continuing to fight right now. Our units have been activated in the south, west and in the east of Venezuela,” said Mr Goudreau, wearing a ball cap and golf shirt.”

The newspaper informs that Goudreau attended the University of Calgary between 1994 and 1998, enlisted with the Canadian Forces – the Department of National Defence refused to answer its questions about Goudreau – moved to Washington, enlisted in the U.S. Army in 2001 before 9/11, and served in Iraq and Afghanistan as a sergeant first class with the 10th Special Forces Group in Germany – which is part of the Green Berets.

The two Americans arrested, Airan Berry and Luke Denman, were both fellow Green Berets.

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Yesterday, Antonio Sequea Torres released a video in which he was accompanied by heavily armed mercenaries and claimed to be the commander of this operation.

His involvement was also confirmed by his wife, Veronica Noya, in an interview with TVV Noticias. Noya asserted that the former captain was part of this armed movement and that he was in hiding after the failed coup d’état of 30 April 2019, in which he also participated.

Antonio Sequea with Leopoldo López of Guiadó’s “Popular Will” marginal party during the failed coup d’état of 30 April 2019 | Archives

For his part, former Major General Juvenal Sequea Torres stated in an interview for VPI, broadcast shortly before the capture in Chuao, that the operation was generally supported by Colombia and the United States, although he avoided offering details. Antonio Sequea was part of a first advance party of sorts and assured that more decisive action would follow.

He stressed that the impetus for the actions came, in good measure, from the false accusation of narco-terrorism made by the Justice Department against Venezuelan leaders who hold high state responsibilities:

“It was the United States that issued that decree, for us the action was political, but based on this that the United States did with respect to Maduro, we are already talking about a police action. In other words, we did take into account the guidelines of the United States and, as a result of this, it is our action as well,” responded Juvenal to the question from the VPI journalist as to whether they had direct contact with US officials.

The vice-president of the PSUV, Diosdado Cabello, published the videos of the capture of the mercenaries, indicating that Antonio Sequea was the “leader of the terrorist operation.” He also published statements by Adolfo Baduel, who claimed that the two detained Americans were working with President Trump’s security team.

Some of the weapons and equipment confiscated in Chuao | Twitter

As the hours pass, the traces of the United States in the making and deployment of the mercenary operation against Venezuela become more and more visible. This absolute protagonism that the mediocracy has wanted to confer on Jordan Goudreau, in an attempt to disassociate Washington, is losing effectiveness.

Faced with this framework of military aggression, the FANB has activated the alert of the Territorial Defense System to neutralize new attempts at destabilization by increasing the readiness and coordination of military, police and civilian units.

This is a massive military deployment to quell mercenary movements that may be preparing on the ground.

Venezuelan fishermen and military neutralize mercenary incursion in Chuao | Twitter

“The entire Territorial Defense System, with the support of the security agencies, is carrying out patrol and search operations, especially in the coastal region, in order to locate other possible participants and determine their connections, so additional arrests cannot be ruled out,” the Venezuelan military body said in a statement signed by General and Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López.

As the operation loses momentum, Guaidó has decided to rush forward denying his ties to Jordan Goudreau, whom the U.S. named as the actual president of the country in January 2019 as part of a coup attempt, despite the fact that his signature is on a $212.9 million contract with Silvercorp to execute an armed intervention against the country.

Alleged contract signed between Juan guaido and Jordan Goudreau’s company Silvercorp for 212-million | 40factoresdepoder (Click to enlarge)

The Associated Press quoted Goudreau as saying he had reached an agreement with Guaidó to overthrow the Venezuelan government. Guaidó then took a 180-degree turn. In a recent communiqué, the fake government of Guaidó legitimized “Operation Gideon”, admitting that it is not a fabrication and asking for respect for the “human rights” of the mercenaries. It is clear that it has been directly linked.

Guaidó shamelessly backed by Canada

The Colombian government has also tried to disassociate itself and Washington denies any kind of connection with the events of the last few hours. Likewise, the Canadian Department of National Defence refused to answer questions from the Globe and Mail about Goudreau’s background with the Canadian Armed Forces.

The involvement of Canada extends beyond the national origin of Goudreau, which the Globe and Mail fails to mention, as if this was merely an isolated incident. There is so far no evidence of direct Canadian involvement in Operation Gideon, but the silence of Ottawa and its refusal to condemn this cowardly attack speaks volumes.

Just as a reminder, this attack on Venezuela comes just over three months after the Trudeau government brought shame on itself by meeting, January 27, with Juan Guaidó. This imposter is more and more despised at home as a corrupt and untrustworthy individual, even by those who a year ago supported his phony presidency, to the extent that one of his rivals was elected to replace him as president of the national assembly. Yet in Canada, he was received by the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in his Parliament Hill office and paraded around as “President Guiadó,” as TML Weekly reported at the time. 

The focus of the operation

Due to the failure of the Macuto raid, the anti-Chávez media and politicians have fabricated a control narrative spanning years to present this as some sort of government frame-up, although Guaidó has thrown these efforts to the wind.

The failed raids by Macuto (La Guaira) and Chuao (Aragua) are evidence of the geographical focus of the operation and the distribution of roles and capabilities.

Mountainous corridor of the Henri Pittier National Park that covers the states of Aragua and Carabobo | Archives

While former Captain Robert Colina, alias “Pantera” (killed in Macuto), would be in charge of consolidating a cell in La Guaira, with the intention of moving on to Caracas, on the coast of Aragua state Antonio Sequea would be shaping a kind of beachhead for the landing of weapons, logistical resources and the mercenary squad he displayed in his exalted video for social networks.

Both movements failed in their original calculation: alias “Pantera” considered that a night raid would not attract the attention of the security forces, while Antonio Sequea bet on a silent landing in a population of fishermen and cocoa producers that would not, in theory, be prepared to detect their arrival.

After the failure of the attempt commanded by Clíver Alcalá via the Colombian border in March (where alias “Pantera” also participated), the U.S. planners decided to shift the focus to an invasion along the coast.

They bet on Macuto, taking advantage of the social withdrawal due to the Covid-19 pandemic, to shorten distances and have a direct route to the centre of political power in Venezuela: the highly valued Caracas and its Miraflores Palace.

Police officers from the FAES in Macuto, after neutralizing the incursion commanded by alias “Pantera” | Twitter

Under this logic, and while the cell of alias “Pantera” was being consolidated in La Guaira, Sequea would take advantage of Chuao: a town connected to the mountain range of the Henri Pittier National Park, through which it is possible to reach, on foot, the areas of Puerto Maya and Puerto Cruz, as well as Colonia Tovar and El Junquito, it was a virtually safe space for the transport of arms and resources without using the traditional land routes, avoiding the presence of police and military personnel.

Chuao also offered a direct route to the Araucanian cities of Turmero and Maracay, where the powerful 4th Armored Division of the Venezuelan Army and its headquarters are located. This strategic military unit, which covers the central region of the country and part of the plains, is home to one of the country’s main weapons parks and the most sensitive and strategic part of its artillery.

The incursion through Chuao was probably intended to inhibit this important axis of gravity of Venezuelan military power, since former Captain Robert Colina would take advantage of this momentary advantage in order to carry out the desired definitive coup in Miraflores.

At this time it cannot be assumed that “Operation Gideon” has been completely dismantled, as the FANB still maintains a state of alert taking into account that there would be other mercenary-terrorist cells deployed in different areas of the country.

In the two failed raids over the last 48 hours, the crucial element has been the organization of the people and their own intelligence networks.

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