Shining the light on Cuba’s medical solidarity

ONLINE WEBINAR for the “Cuba Fights COVID-19 Around the World” – Fundraising Campaign

Webinar featuring Speakers & Discussion
4pm Pacific Time / 6pm Central Time / 7pm Eastern Time


Featuring guest panelists:
HER EXCELLENCY JOSEFINA VIDAL – Cuban Ambassador to Canada
MP NIKI ASHTON – Member of Parliament for Churchill—Keewatinook Aski, Manitoba
DR. JOHN KIRK – Cuba Researcher and Professor, Dalhousie University
DR. ISAAC SANEY – Co-Chair of Canadian Network on Cuba & Professor, Dalhousie University
DR. KEITH ELLIS – Chair of Fundraising Campaign & Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto

Webinar co-moderated by:
ELIZABETH HILL – Co-Chair of Canadian Network on Cuba & President of Canadian-Cuban Friendship Association Toronto
TAMARA HANSEN – Executive Member of Canadian Network on Cuba & Coordinator of Vancouver Communities in Solidarity with Cuba

Cuba is showing the world how to confront the Covid-19 pandemic with international solidarity. As of April 30, 2020 more than 1,450 Cuban doctors, nurses and medical professionals from the Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade have been welcomed in 22 countries in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa and the Middle East. Cuba’s biotechnology industry has also developed medicines and treatment regimes for Covid-19 which have been used not only in Cuba, but also in China, Spain and other countries.

Cuba’s international solidarity is leading the way in the world-wide struggle to confront Covid-19 despite nearly 60 years of a cruel and unjust blockade imposed on Cuba by the United States. This same blockade on Cuba, and its extraterritorial impacts, also prevents medical cooperation between the United States, Canada and Cuba, which would be beneficial to people living in all three countries.

Across Canada the Canadian Network on Cuba is organizing a campaign to raise donations for Cuba’s amazing internationalist efforts. Since launching the campaign on March 30, 2020 we have already raised $31,000. Join in this online Webinar to learn more the importance of the fundraising effort and about how people in Canada can support Cuba, both in their fight against Covid-19 and their struggle to end the cruel U.S. blockade!

To learn more about the Cuba Fights Covid-19 Around the World Fundraising Campaign and how you can donate to support the work of Cuba’s international medical missions today visit:…/838-cnc-fundraising-f…

Organized by the Canadian Network on Cuba (CNC), a network of Cuba solidarity organizations across Canada promoting friendship and solidarity with Cuba and the Cuban people.

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