Dossier: Working people across Canada speak out on the pandemic and take their stand

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(Updated September 8) – We are updating links to articles from Workers’ Forum as they appear. They present the views and reports of workers on how to handle the pandemic and their struggles for the working conditions they require to make their contribution to the well-being of the population as a whole. They speak in their own name.

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This blog salutes all of Canada’s working people whose contribution makes life possible, especially under the conditions of all out mobilization to contain the coronavirus. Our aim is to help break the silence around the struggle being waged in every sphere to defend their rights and the rights of all. 

Workers’ Forum • September 8, 2020 – No. 59

Serious Concerns During First Week of Reopening of Schools in Quebec

Montreal demonstration August 23, 2020 calling for a safe return to school.

• The Challenge that Teachers and Education Workers Are Facing – Geneviève Royer

• Teachers Demand Accelerated COVID-19 Testing in Schools and Accurate Data on Infections
• More Maintenance Staff Needed to Ensure Hygiene
• Insufficient Measures to Ensure School Transportation Safety
• Doctors and Health Specialists Question Safety of Back-to-School Plan

• Concerns for Preparedness for Second Wave of COVID-19 – Jeff Begley

Workers’ Forum • September 3, 2020 – No. 58

On the Eve of Labour Day 2020

Use of Ministerial Powers to Silence Workers’ Voices and Pro-Social SolutionsPierre Chénier

Multiple Resignations of Nurses in Quebec
• Nurses’ Rights Must Be Upheld!
Actions in Defence of Hotel Jobs and for the Rights of All
• BC Hotel Workers Persist in Upholding Rights of Laid-Off Workers – Brian Sproule 

Education Is a Right
• Students Speak for Themselves About the Reopening of Schools – Education Is a Right Podcast 

Labour Day 2020
• Hamilton Cavalcade of Cars
• Calendar of Events

Workers’ Forum • September 1, 2020 – No. 57

Discussion in Alberta on What Constitutes Safe Schools and the Right to Education
• Widescale Opposition to Alberta Government’s Plan for Business as Usual – Kevan Hunter
• New Curriculum Must Serve the People of Alberta – Dougal MacDonald

Concerns in Quebec About a Safe Back-to-School Environment 
• A Proactive Approach Is Required  – Pierre Soublière

British Students Take a Stand for Their Right to Education
• Government Forced to Back Down from Anti-Human Algorithm to Assign Final Grades
• Callous and Dangerous Stand of the British Government on School Reopenings Is Unacceptable and Indefensible – Workers’ Weekly

Workers’ Forum • August 27, 2020 – No. 56

Workers’ Forum • August 20, 2020 – No. 55

Joint mobilizations which defend the rights of all!

Alberta government intensifies attacks on workers’ rights

Workers’ Forum • August 13, 2020 – No. 54

The Need to Enforce Rights

Accountability Is a Serious Concern for Workers – Pierre Chénier

Nova Scotia
• Demand for Public Inquiry into Northwood Tragedy – Interview, Jason MacLean of NSGEU
• Longshore Workers at Port of Montreal Launch General Strike
• Speaking Out on the Death of a Montreal Health Worker – Pierre Soublière
British Columbia
• Defend the Rights of Seasonal Agricultural Workers! – Brian Sproule and Barbara Biley
• Take Immediate Action to Stop the Forced Isolation of Foreign Farm Workers – Radical Action with Migrants in Agriculture
• Hospitality Workers Continue to Demand that Their Jobs Be Protected

• Mass Rallies Put Forward Demands of Health Care Workers

Workers’ Forum • August 6, 2020 –No. 53

Developments on the Health Care Front: Health Care Unions’ Actions to Ensure Workers Are Protected 

• Quebec Health Care Unions Demand Government Enforce Increased Protective Measures
• Frontline Health Care Unions in Ontario Launch “Care Not Profit” Campaign
• Public Health Ontario Data Reveals Devastating Pandemic Effects for Health Care Workers – Unifor
• Ontario Nurses Step Up Actions Against Bills 195 and 124
• Nova Scotia Union Refuses to Participate in the Provincial Government’s Secretive Northwood Review

New Brunswick Landfill Workers
• Workers’ Persistence in Defence of Rights Prevails! Congratulations!

Workers’ Forum • August 4, 2020 –No. 52

Discussion on a New Direction for the Economy

Workers’ Forum • July 30, 2020 – No. 51

Strengthening the Arbitrary Powers of the State to Attack Workers’ Rights

The Anti-Social, Anti-Worker and Anti-National Direction of the Alberta Government

• Condemn the Alberta Government’s Anti-Worker Bill 32!  – Peggy Morton
• When Democracy Is Self-Serving It Is No Longer Worthy of the Name – George Allen

Unions Speak Out Against Bill 32
• Alberta Federation of Labour
• United Nurses of Alberta
• Alberta Union of Public Employees
• Health Sciences Association of Alberta

For Your Information
• Changes to the Alberta Labour Relations Code

Workers’ Forum • July 23, 2020 – No. 50

Use of Pandemic as Excuse to Trample Workers’ Rights: All Out to Stand Up for the Rights of All!

• Say NO! to Ontario Bill 195 – Steve Rutchinski

Workers Speak Out
• Union Press Conference Demands Withdrawal of Ontario Bill 195
• Quebec’s Ministerial Orders Are Unacceptable – Interview, Benoît Taillefer

Workers’ Forum • July 16, 2020 – No. 49

In the Name of Dealing with the Pandemic

Health care workers demonstrate against the use of ministerial orders, Saguenay Lac Saint Jean, July 9, 2020.

Another Ministerial Dictate to Undermine Working Conditions of Health Care Workers in Quebec

• Interview, Jeff Begley, President, Federation of Health and Social Services 
• Quebec Government’s March 21 Ministerial Order Challenged in Court

The Need to Enforce the Rights of Migrant Workers
• Call to Reverse Ontario’s New Guidance Allowing Some Workers Who Test Positive for COVID-19 to Keep Working

Workers’ Forum • July 9, 2020 – No. 48

Air Canada Discontinues Service on 30 Domestic Regional Routes

Unacceptable Closures Which Sacrifice Regional Needs in Favour of Private Interests – Garnet Colly

Alberta Retail Workers Defend Their Rights
• Safeway Workers Vote in Favour of Strike Action
• Sobeys’ Anti-Worker “Project Sunrise”
• Conditions of Retail Workers in Canada

In Defence of the Rights and Dignity of Hospitality Workers
• BC Hospitality Workers Step Up Their Fight for Job Security – Brian Sproule

The Need to Fix Long-Term Care: Nova Scotia
• Workers Demand Public Inquiry into Northwood Deaths

Workers’ Forum • July 7, 2020 – No. 47

Truckers’ 21-day occupation outside the White House, May 2020.

Opposition to Goverments’ Increased Use of Arbitrary Powers

Quebec Government’s Bill 61

• Workers’ Opposition to Use of Pandemic and Restart of Economy to Strengthen Arbitrary Powers of the State – Pierre Chénier 

• Regressive Features of Bill 61

Increase in Construction Accidents Involving Cranes
• Reinstate Compulsory Vocational Training for Crane Operators Now!

Historic Truckers’ Occupation in Washington
• What Next for Truckers and the Trucking Industry? – Normand Chouinard


Workers’ Forum • July 2, 2020 – No. 46

March for migrant workers’ rights, Leamington, June 28, 2020.

Justice for Migrant Workers!

Ontario Government’s Dehumanizing Plan for Migrant Agricultural Workers

• Something Rotten in Ontario’s Greenhouse Operations — and it Isn’t the Tomatoes – Margaret Villamizar
• Spirited Actions in Leamington Demand Justice for Migrant Workers
• Advocating for Seasonal Agricultural Workers in British Columbia – Interview, Perla G. Villegas-Diaz
• Playing with the Lives of Temporary Foreign Workers in Quebec:
It Must Not Pass!
 – Diane Johnston

Workers’ Forum • June 30, 2020 – No. 45

Stepped Up Neo-Liberal Assaults on Education

• Alberta Minister of Education Extends Government Dictate Over Local School Boards – Kevan Hunter
• Dismantling Alberta’s Post-Secondary Education System With Help from McKinsey & Company – Dougal MacDonald
• Performance-Based Indicators: Another Zombie Idea – George Allen
• Challenges in Ontario’s Post-Secondary Education – Steve Rutchinski
• Situation in Higher Education in Ontario – Interview, Colleen Burke

Workers’ Forum • June 25, 2020 – No. 44

Lockout Ends at Regina Co-Op Refinery
• Vigorous Defence of Co-op Workers’ Dignity and Unity

The Right to Housing During the Pandemic
• End the Criminalization of Vancouver’s Homeless! – Brian Sproule and Barbara Biley
• Union of BC Indian Chiefs’ Statement on Police Raid of Namegan/CRAB Park Tent City

Just Demands of Hospitality Workers for Job Protection
• Hospitality Workers Must Be at the Centre of Any Sectoral Relief Package
• Vancouver Hotel Workers Demand Protection of Their Jobs – Joseph Theriault

Defending the Rights of Unemployed Workers
• Demand for Improved Access to Employment Insurance


Workers’ Forum • June 23, 2020 – No. 44

Edmonton protest November 22, 2018, against Bill C-89 legislating postal workers back to work.

Postal Workers Step Up the Fight for Their Rights
• Federal Arbitrator Refuses to Address Necessary Demands – Louis Lang

Dominion Diamond Mines in Northwest Territories Goes Under Bankruptcy Protection
• Workers Determined to Defend Their Rights – Interview, Todd Parsons, President, Union of Northern Workers, Northwest Territories

Workers Continue to Speak Out About Safety Concerns
• The Need to Break the Silence on Lack of Safety on Construction Sites – Interview, Evans Dupuis, Director, Union of Quebec Crane Operators (FTQConstuction)
• Steelworkers Cannot Accept any Loosening of Health and Safety Standards for Mine Workers – Interview, André Racicot, President, United Steelworkers Local 9291 in Abitibi, Quebec
• Postal Workers’ Safety Concerns During Pandemic – Toni MacAfee, Atlantic Region Education and Organization Officer, Canadian Union of Postal Workers

Workers’ Forum • June 18, 2020 – No. 42

Canada-Wide Campaign Demands Status for All! Migrant Rights Network Launches Campaign

• Mexican Government Stops Sending Temporary Foreign Workers to Canada
• National Farmers Union-Ontario Issues Statement
• Coronavirus Spreads to Temporary Foreign Agricultural Workers in Quebec

Situation of Frontline Workers During Pandemic
• Ontario Paramedics’ Urgent Need for Adequate Protective Equipment – Interview, Jason Fraser, Chair, Canadian Union of Public Employees Ontario Ambulance Committee
• Quebec Health Care Unions Demand Preparations to Face Possible Second Wave


Workers’ Forum • June 16, 2020 – No. 41

The Need to End Private-Profit Arrangements in Long-Term Care – Governments Must Be Held to Account!

• Profit Motive and Unaccountability — Culprits for Deficiencies in Long-Term Care   – Diane Johnston

• National Union Calls on Public Service Pension Investment Board to Pull Out of the Business of Long-Term Care 

• Alberta Government’s Subsidies to Private Seniors’ Care Operators – Peggy Morton
• Alberta Federation of Labour Statement
• Ontario Registered Nurses Association Sets Minimum Standards for Long-Term Care
• Rally to Support Extendicare Guildwood Residents in Scarborough, Ontario
• Quebec Government’s Callous Disregard for Life, Health and Dignity – Pierre Soublière


Workers’ Forum • June 11, 2020 – No. 40

Demand Dignified Working and Living Conditions, Health Care and Status for Migrant Workers!

• Stand Up for Dignity Mobile Rally in Montreal  
• Migrant Worker Defence Organizations Call for Permanent Resident Status in the Face of Mounting Abuse – Diane Johnston 
• Unacceptable Deaths of Migrant Farm Workers in Southwestern Ontario
• Conditions Faced by Migrant Farm Workers and Others Working in the Sector in Southwestern Ontario – Margaret Villamizar 
• Demand for Safe Working and Living Conditions and Status for Migrant Farm Workers – Steve Rutschinski
• Windsor Law Students Call for Concrete, Practical Steps to Ensure the Safety, Health and Rights of Migrant Workers
• “Canadian-Owned” Greenhouse Operation Hotbed of COVID-19 in New York State


Workers’ Forum • June 9, 2020 – No. 39

Spirited Programs Mark Ontario Injured Workers’ Day 2020
• Fighting for Justice for All Injured Workers – Janice Murray
• Women of Inspiration Hold 15th Annual Vigil

“Reopening” of the Economy and Workers’ Right to Safety at Work
• Serious Concerns in Ontario – Steve Rutchinski

Unacceptable Attacks on Workers’ Rights
• Alberta Government Passes Bill 1, the Critical Infrastructure Defence Act – Peggy Morton
• Unacceptable Attacks on Workers’ Rights – Letter to the Editor from Abitibi Metalworker
• Militant Protests in Quebec Against Abusive Ministerial Orders – Pierre Chénier

 Concrete Measures Required to Defend the Rights of the Most Vulnerable
• The Need for Adequate Funding for Services for Vulnerable Women – Interview, JennieLaure Sully, Convergence of Struggles Against Sexual Exploitation (CLES)
• Social Assistance Recipients’ Right to a Decent Income – Serge Lachapelle


Workers’ Forum • June 2, 2020 – No. 38

Rights and Full Status for All Workers
• Militant Action Demands Permanent Residency for Migrants and Asylum Seekers
• Demands for Special Program to Regularize the Status of Asylum Seekers Working to Fight COVID-19
• House of Commons Rejects Motions Calling for Regularization of Status for Frontline Essential Workers
• Unity in Action Gives Rise to Partial About-Face on Immigration Policy


Workers’ Forum • May 28, 2020 – No. 37

37th Ontario Injured Workers Day June 1
• Injured Workers Fighting for Their Dignity and Rights

Solution to Crisis of Health Care System Lies in the Fight for the Rights of All
• Crisis in BC Long-Term Care Homes Highlights the Need to Increase Investments in Social Programs Including Care for Seniors – Barbara Biley

• Jean Gagnon, Representative of Pre-Hospital Sector of Health and Social Services’ Federation, Confederation of National Trade Unions
• Benoît Taillefer, Vice-President, Occupational Health and Safety, Workers’ Union of the Integrated University Health and Social Services Centre, Montreal North

Workers’ Right to Safety at Work
•  Opposition in Saskatchewan to Spurious Claims by Deputy Labour Minister Regarding Workers’ Rights and Workplace Safety


Workers’ Forum • May 26, 2020 – No. 36

All Out to Uphold the Rights of Temporary Foreign Workers and Asylum Seekers!
• Oppose Unconscionable Government Attempts to Criminalize Asylum Seekers and Justify Immoral Crimes Against Them – Diane Johnston
•  Quebec Government Quashes Motion Recognizing Invaluable Contribution of Asylum Seekers and Calling on Canadian Government to Regularize Their Status
• Call to Regularize Status of Essential Workers – Guillaume Cliche Rivard, President, Quebec Immigration Lawyers Association
• Ontario Migrant Farm Workers Hit by COVID-19 – Steve Rutchinski
• Nova Scotia Federation of Labour Demands Health Coverage Be Extended to Uninsured Residents

The Need to Make Transit Workers Safe
• Workers Call for Mandatory Face Masks on Public Transit

United States
• Sanitation Workers in New Orleans on Strike to Demand Better Conditions and Pay – Peoples Dispatch


Workers’ Forum • May 19, 2020 – No. 35

Health Care Workers Continue to Speak Out
• Ontario-Wide Protest by Health Care Workers for Protective Equipment and Pandemic Pay for All Frontline Workers
• Quebec Nurses Defend Their Right to Speak Out on Issues Vital to Fighting the Pandemic
• Consequences of Ministerial Orders for Quebec Health Workers – Pierre Soublière
• Union Locals Defend the Right of Health and Social Services’ Workers to Vacations and Leaves

Serious Concerns of Workers as Construction Sites Reopen in Quebec
• Interview with Simon Lévesque, Head of Health and Safety, FTQ-Construction

Locked-Out Workers Continue to Stand Strong 
• Unjust Lockout of Regina Co-op Refinery Workers Enters Sixth Month
• Landfill Workers in Allardville, New Brunswick Continue to Demand Acceptable Collective Agreement


Workers’ Forum • May 14, 2020 – No. 34

Ontario Health Care Workers Defend Their Right to Safe Working Conditions
• Nurses Speak Out
• Adequate Protective Equipment Urgently Required
• Call for Public Inquiry and Criminal Investigations into Deaths in Long-Term Care

Defending the Rights of Unemployed Workers
• Valiant Struggle of Unemployed Workers’ Defence Organizations Must Be Supported By All!
• Interview, Line Sirois, Coordinator, Action Chômage Côte-Nord

In Defence of the Dignity and Rights of Transport workers
• U.S. Truckers in Action to Demand Immediate Haulage Rate Increases
• Canadian and Quebec Truckers Are One with U.S. Truckers – Normand Chouinard


Workers’ Forum • May 12, 2020 – No. 33

Defend Food Workers’ Rights to Safe Working Conditions
• Cargill to Shut Down Meat-Processing Plant in Chambly, Quebec
• Help Protect Food Processing Workers! ACT NOW! – United Food and Commercial Workers

United States
• The Coronavirus Pandemic in U.S. Meatpacking Plants
• Conditions in the U.S. Meatpacking Industry
• Keeping America’s Food Supply Strong Starts with Worker Safety – Marc Perrone, President, United Food and Commercial Workers International Union

• Workers Strike Against COVID Deaths in Border Factories


Workers’ Forum • May 7, 2020 – No. 32

Workers at Cargill Defend Their Rights
• Opening of Cargill’s High River Plant
• Alberta Labour Relations Board Refuses to Act to Uphold the Rights of Workers – Peggy Morton

British Columbia
• Workers Taking a Stand Against Transit Cuts – Brian Sproule and Barbara Biley


Workers’ Forum • May 5, 2020 – No. 31

Hold Governments to Account for COVID-19 Outbreaks Amongst Asylum Seekers and Migrant Workers
• The Need to Defend Asylum Seekers in Quebec – Interview, Frantz André, QuebecHaiti Solidarity Committee

Justice for Migrant Workers
• Defence Organization Justicia for Migrant Workers Demands Protection for All Ontario Farm Workers
• Greenhill Produce Migrant Workers’ Plea for Help
• Fighting for Migrant Workers and Their Rights During COVID-19 – Interview, Maria Sol Pajadura, Chairperson, Migrante Canada


Workers’ Forum • May 1, 2020

Our Security Lies in the Fight for the Rights of All!
• May Day Virtual Workers’ Forums
• Another Defining Moment
• Two Worlds in Combat – Hardial Bains

Workers’ Forum • April 30, 2020

Defend the Rights of Workers — Defend the Rights of All!
• Ontario Council of Hospital Unions Calls for Government Action to Save Lives – Steve Rutchinski
• Unacceptable Conditions Put Workers and Society at Risk at Poultry Plants – Brian Sproule
• Railway Workers Demand That All Workers’ Rights Be Strengthened During the Pandemic
• Support the Foodster United Courier Workers!

Food Workers in United States
• Union Demands Presidential Order to Keep Meatpacking Plants Open Must Strengthen Safety Measures for Workers


Workers’ Forum • April 29, 2020


Workers’ Forum • April 28, 2020

April 28, Day of Mourning
• Mourn for the Dead — Fight for the Living!


Workers’ Forum • April 27, 2020

Mourning for the Dead and Fighting for the Living on the Day of Mourning
Workers’ Health and Safety Depends on the Workers Defending Their Rights and the Rights of All
• “Leaving the Private Sector to Regulate Itself Is Like Asking the Fox to Protect the Hen House” – Letter from United Food and Commercial Workers Local 401 to Premier Kenney (Excerpts)
• Front-Line Workers Falling Through the Cracks in Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan – CUPE Saskatchewan
• Concern over Workplace Safety Inspections and Workers’ Right to Refuse Unsafe Work – United Steelworkers’ Letter to Ontario Ministry of Labour
• Update on Conditions at Northwood Manor – Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union


Workers’ Forum • April 24, 2020

Health Care Workers Step Up Their Fight to Protect Themselves and the Public
• A Most Pressing Concern

Nova Scotia
• Immediate Action Required to Protect Seniors and Workers at Northwood Manor – Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union
• Workers Call on Public to Demand Government Provide Personal Protective Equipment

• Nursing Graduates Address Letter to Premier

• Long-Term Care Nurses Protest Untenable Working Conditions

• Workers Report Initial Gains in Protecting Long-Term Care Residents

British Columbia
• Conditions of Health Care Workers and Seniors – Interview, Rhonda Bruce, Rehabilitation Assistant and Regional VicePresident (Interior), Hospital Employees’ Union


Workers’ Forum • April 23, 2020

Workers Take Responsibility for Working Conditions During Pandemic
• Upcoming Day of Mourning and COVID -19 – Peter Page, Hamilton District Injured Workers Group
• Monopolies and Governments Are Responsible for Devastating COVID-19 Outbreak at Cargill and Other Meat-Packing Plants – Peggy Morton
• Interview on the Keystone XL Pipeline – Pipeline Worker André Vachon
• Quebec Miners Demand Public Health Guidelines Are Respected as Mining Resumes – Interview, André Racicot, President, USW Local 9291, Abitibi


Workers’ Forum • April 21, 2020



Workers’ Forum • April 16, 2020

Workers Continue to Speak Out

Partial Reopening of Residential Construction Sites in Quebec
 Workers Step Up the Fight for Proper Working Conditions – Pierre Chénier
• Interview, François Patry, President, National Brotherhood of Carpenters, FTQ-Construction Local 9


Transportation Workers
• The Need to Compel Canadian Airlines to Fully Protect Workers and Passengers
• Frontline Public Transit Workers Demand Action to Protect Transit Workers


Workers’ Forum • April 14, 2020

How the Right to Health Care Poses Itself During the Pandemic

Temporary Closure of Olymel’s Agri-Food Yamachiche Plant in Quebec
• Workers Must Have the Final Say in Decisions That Affect Their Health – Normand Chouinard

What Healthcare Professionals Have to Say
• Nurses Working Both Sides of the Border Speak for Themselves – Enver Villamizar
• Nova Scotia Health Care Workers Demand Assurances on Safety Equipment
• BC Health Care Workers Demand Broader Support

• Education Workers Support Health Care Workers


Workers’ Forum • April 7, 2020


Workers’ Forum • April 4, 2020


Workers’ Forum • April 2, 2020


Workers’ Forum • April 1, 2020

Trucking Industry
• Trucker Safety and Well-Being Must Be Ensured – Normand Chouinard

Airline Workers
• Air Canada Flight Attendants Demand Safety Be Prioritized – Garnet Colly

Public Transit Workers
• Toronto Workers Fight to Improve Health and Safety Protections for All
• Transit Windsor Workers Reject Mayor’s Decision to Suspend Bus Service – Amalgamated Transit Union Local 616


Workers’ Forum • March 27, 2020


Workers’ Forum • March 18, 2020

Workers Nationwide Organize to Uphold the Rights of All
• All Out to Activate All Working People to Make Sure the COVID 19 Crisis Is Resolved in Their Favour
• Time for Workers to Act

For Your Information
• Strict Comprehensive Measures Urgently Recommended to Contain COVID-19 and Protect the Population

Mobilizing the Human Factor/Social Consciousness in the Fight Against the COVID-19 Pandemic — Workers Speak Up
• New Brunswick Public Sector Workers
• Vancouver and District Labour Council Outlines Emergency Action Needed for Working People and Families
• Ontario Health Care Workers Demand Protective Gear
• Public Transit Workers in Toronto and Mississauga Demand Protective Gear
• Todd Parsons, President, Union of Northern Workers, Northwest Territories
• Simon Lévesque, Head of Health and Safety, FTQ- Construction, Quebec

Opinion on a Matter of Serious Concern
• National Emergency Announced in Quebec Brings to Light What Is Missing – Pierre Soublière

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