Brutal killing of George Floyd: Yes to resistance! No to the use of police powers and the military to criminalize politics!

60,000 protest in Houston, TX, George Floyd’s hometown, June 3, 2020.

The Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) expresses its deepest sympathies for the family of George Floyd and all other victims of police impunity and killings in the United States.

CPC(M-L) denounces all racist attacks  – whether they are spontaneous or organized by a crisis-ridden failed state which gives itself a green light to govern through unfettered police powers and the use of the military. In the United States, confronting state violence is a way of life, which tells us the kind of democracy that exists there. It is the resistance of the people, especially African-Americans, as well as Puerto Ricans, Hispanics, Indigenous peoples and all minorities, along with working people of all origins, which tells us about the courage and fighting spirit that characterize the U.S. working class and people. CPC(M-L) strongly believes that this resistance is of the calibre that will find the way forward in a manner which holds the racist American state to account. We are one humanity, waging one struggle for peace, freedom and democracy. Canadians stand as one with their U.S. sisters and brothers.

In this fight, CPC(M-L) calls on Canadians to pay utmost attention to opposing the criminalization of politics. Police powers do not recognize members of a body politic. They do not recognize rights by virtue of one’s membership in that body politic, let alone rights by virtue of being human. Police powers only recognize categories of “things” targeted as “fair game” and slated for some form of punishment and impunity by narrow private interests in place of government of laws. 

In scenarios that have been unfolding in the U.S. for some time, people are portrayed as “thugs,” “protestors,” “trouble-makers,” “enemy aliens,” “blacks,” “Latinos,” “Hispanics,” “Muslims,” “terrorists,” “deviants,” “illegals,” and other categories designed to dehumanize them and target them for attack. The same is the case in Canada, Britain, France and other countries. Prime Ministers calling for sensitivity training because there is a little bit of racism in all of us, such as Canada’s Prime Minister and other ministers are prone to do, is diversion, pure and simple. The aim is to keep the people shackled by a system which claims racism is a matter of “bad policies” and the solution is to advocate for “good policies,” while keeping decision-making in a few private hands.

Racism is not a “bad policy.” It is systemic, inherent to the states constituted to defend property rights, whose very constitutions put the decision-making powers in the hands of rulers whose main job is to perpetuate social relations and arrangements that keep the majority in bondage.

In today’s conditions, it is the striving of the people for empowerment, to speak in their own name and control the decisions which affect their lives that raises the level of politics and opens the path to progress. The use of unfettered police powers by those who have usurped power by force merely reveals the essence of their imperialist democracy and in whose interests the decision-making power is wielded. It is not a a sign of strength but of their desperation to maintain control. 

On the eve of the U.S. presidential election in November 2016, CPC(M-L) wrote:

“… the campaign has revealed the extent to which the U.S. state and system of governance operate through corruption and coercion as well as how people are deprived of political power.”

This is “the other very important aspect of the state power in the hands of the financial oligarchy. The ruling imperialist elite achieve this by depriving the people of an outlook, a way to look at the world and the problems that have arisen so that they can be calmly sorted out and provided with solutions,” CPC(M-L) pointed out.

When Donald Trump was declared President of the United States, CPC(M-L) said that his “election to the presidency of the United States will represent the rule of the oligopolies through unfettered police powers. [Trump’s] election has plunged both the peoples of the U.S. and the peoples of the world into an even more dangerous situation.”

And now, four years later, it is the courageous resistance struggles of the people of the United States, their striving for their own empowerment, which shows there is a way forward which is not based on violence and war. This is not the conclusion the rulers want the peoples to reach. Far from it. They continue to peddle the same narrative they peddled about the 2016 election results. At that time, CPC(M-L) pointed out:

“From the side of the Clinton campaign, the verdict is that the result is the apocalypse, and the values and vision of Clinton remain all that stand between ‘you and the apocalypse’ as she said during the campaign. From the side of the Trump campaign comes the explanation that he led ‘a movement’ which is anti-establishment, wants the problems of the economy dealt with and an end to ‘all the bullshit.’ From both sides comes the agreement that now that the election is over, everyone’s duty is to abide by the Constitution, ensure the transition of power is peaceful and ‘make America great again.’“

At that time, despite the fact that Hilary Clinton failed to “unite America” behind her vision and values, she said that going forward it is this shared vision and values which she will continue to push and she called on her supporters to do likewise. Nothing was said about the fact that this vision uses aggression and war as negotiation, blames the U.S. economic decline on China and maintains Russia as the main enemy of the United States. It was captured in her slogan that the U.S. is the “indispensable nation,” which, of course, makes all others dispensable. It was expressed by Clinton in 2008 when she said the U.S. could “totally obliterate” Iran, and in 2011 when she greeted the assassination of the leader of Libya with the phrase “We came, we saw, he died.”

But now, four years later, former President Obama is sticking to the same message  – we need change so that good policies can be adopted, he says. We need to uphold the Constitution.

As concerns where Donald Trump stands, the central points of his campaign in 2016 were basically that the U.S. system is broken or rigged, that the U.S. has been weakened on the world stage and that only a man of Trump’s force of personality is capable of putting things right. His strategy, he said, was to be “engaged” in making deals. In his victory speech he said, “I’ve spent my entire life in business, looking at the untapped potential in projects and in people all over the world” and “[t]hat is now what I want to do for our country.” He made sure to mention the large number of generals who supported him, as well as the National Rifle Association and New York City Mayor during 9/11 Rudolph Giuliani, and others.

And where is he now? Many of these generals and assorted crooks in his administration have abandoned his ship and joined the camp of  those who advocate using the military only in defence of the Constitution. Meanwhile, increasingly desperate, Trump’s threats to carry out death and destruction against everything he cannot control reach fever pitch along with increasingly irrational behaviour.

Only the resistance struggle of the U.S. working people to realize their cause by speaking in their own name will open a path to progress and contribute to eliminating the dangers which lie ahead.

CPC(M-L) takes this occasion to profoundly sympathize with all those in the United States who are targets of the racist, anti-worker and anti-people attacks and are waging valiant protests and acts of bravery and resistance, proclaiming loudly that the military must stand down, police brutality and impunity must end and the cause of justice must be served. So too in Canada, militant and large demonstrations show that Canadians stand as one with the people of the United States and that we are one humanity in one struggle.

Yes to Resistance!

No to the Use of Police Powers and the Military to Criminalize Politics!

15,000 people attended protest on Parliament Hill and at U.S. Embassy in Ottawa, June 5, 2020.

TML Weekly, June 6, 2020 – No. 20

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